Twisted Pair Video Transmitter Technical Question Manual

Use caution

First, please use five or more types of unshielded twisted pair, the higher the cable category, the better the transmission effect. Category 5 shielded twisted pair (STPCAT524AWG) can be used in some special circumstances such as strong electromagnetic interference, but it will shorten the transmission distance. Third and fourth types of unshielded twisted pairs can also be used, but the image effect, transmission distance, and anti-jamming performance are degraded. According to different use environments, use different cables, such as indoor cables, outdoor cables, and water blocking cables.

Second, can not use two pairs of twisted pair together.

Third, the unused network cable in the network cable (such as the use of two pairs of transmission lines in the cable, the remaining two pairs of standby) grounded, can be connected to the ground in the engine room or cabinet.

4. When using the bridge connection from the center tap of the twisted pair, the excess cable behind the pair must be disconnected and the free network cable should be grounded (it can be connected to the camera on the front end).

5. When the network cables are connected to each other, they should be color-coded and soldered together with a soldering iron. The outside should be wrapped with insulating tape to prevent short circuit.

6. In the transmission, unshielded twisted pairs should be used to achieve the best transmission results. Due to the presence of distributed capacitance between shielded twisted pairs, it has a certain impact on the transmission of balanced signals. In regions with more severe electromagnetic interference or in regions where there are more lightning, shielded twisted pairs can be used.

Seventh, in the construction wiring, can transmit together with the general telephone line, the computer network line, the coaxial cable line, the optic fibre; But as far as possible avoids transmits together with the high-power power cord.

Eight, generally do not recommend the use of non-twisted pair (such as parallel telephone lines, RVV power lines), as an approach can also be transmitted through parallel lines, we passed the RNN2*1.0 power line transmission over 1000 meters, the effect can also be , but the anti-interference can not guarantee.

Nine, you can use a box of lines to simulate the real environment. A box line is generally about 300 meters, can be connected into 300 meters, 600 meters, 900 meters, 1200 meters (a total of 4 pairs of lines, the longest 1200 meters, if you need longer two boxes).

X. Use shorter cables in the part where the transmitter is connected to the camera or the receiver is connected to the back-end monitoring equipment; to prevent lightning strikes, the transmitter should be grounded (less than 8 ohms).

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