SKF bearing: smoothness affects the rotation accuracy

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China's steel industry is not optimistic in the fir…

The National Development and Reform Commission issued the report “Operation Analysis and Trend Forecast of the Iron and Steel Industry in 2012” that the demand situation of the steel industry in the first quarter of 2013 has improved, but it is still not optimistic. In 2013, th

Cleaning and maintenance of wooden barrels

The barrel should be noticed from the first day of purchase. After the wooden barrel is delivered to the home, the quality should be checked first: whether there is crack, whether the steel wire at the joint is loose or not, and whether the material is consistent with the selected sample. It s

Common quality problems and causes of medium hole seati…

(1) Machining accuracy Machining accuracy includes meso-cavity roundness and taper, which are mainly formed by machine tool precision, fixture accuracy and the above-mentioned grinding process parameters. Usually, the jig is less than 2μm after the workpiece is clamped by the fixture, and the g

Limestone physical properties

The main component of limestone is CaCO3, which exists in nature with two minerals, calcite and aragonite. Calcite belongs to the trigonal system, hexagonal crystal, pure calcite is colorless and transparent, generally white, containing 56% CaO, 44% CO2, density of 2.715g/cm3, Mohs hardness of

Plug valve installation and maintenance precautions

When installing the plug valve, in order to prevent damage to the plug valve and to ensure full play of the working performance of the plug valve, the following four points should be noted: 1. Make sure the valve is open. Heat the pipe first. Transfer as much heat as possible from the pipe to

Graphene high-precision cutting and adding new technolo…

Abstract The latest issue of the International Journal of Applied Physics Express, in the form of a cover paper, published the latest achievements of the micro-nano research group of the Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, using nano-operated robots for controllable

Square brick construction steps

First, the material The variety, specification, color, pattern and grade of the square brick shall conform to the design requirements; the product quality shall conform to the national standard of the square brick, and the product certificate shall be attached; the product for cornering, thre