The nanomaterial nanocardboard comes out very light

Everyone is familiar with cardboard, this paper product is usually used to make a variety of cartons. The problem with cardboard is that although it is lightweight and has considerable strength, the material is not suitable for many uses. For applications req

Fire hazards in flue cleaning

Shangmei's furniture brings you fun stuff! Birth, sickness and death are a necessary process. Now that you know it, don't hurry up and play? You don't need to have any conditions to play. You can watch the ants move for a long time. It's enough to raise goldfish for cheap, and

[Power Maintenance] A brief description of the maintena…

On November 17, 2018, the company received an after-sale constant voltage constant current power supply, model HYJ-360E5, rated specification 5V40A, power failure mainly manifested in work, the fuse exploded. After receiving the power, first disassemble the power supply. After the housing is remo

Standard Sharing | GB/T 32649-2016 High Purity Quartz S…

High-purity quartz sand for photovoltaics is obtained by high-purity silica (quartz sandstone, quartzite, vein quartz or siliceous material) after beneficiation and purification. It is produced from monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, quartz glass, quartz crucible and silica. The main

How about Jiumu bathroom

Manulife IKEA and A home furnish you to easily buy furniture! The vigorous first half is over, and the balance in 2019 is only half! Have you made the plan for the second half of the year? If you haven't done well, come with me. A home furnishing will be promoted in 721. Come and buy the fa

Zunyi alumina steam consumption reached a new low

In September , the alumina production steam consumption of Zunyi Alumina Co., Ltd. reached a new low on the basis of achieving the best level in August, 13% lower than the average level in the first half of the year, and saving more than 9,000 tons of steam in September, generating a profit of more