How to solve the problem of fire door installation?

First, the problem of fire door installation 1. The opening direction does not meet the requirements and is not opened in the evacuation direction. 2. The fire end of the fire door does not meet the requirements. A Class B fire door or a Class C fire door shall be installed

Chaowei Group builds an upgraded version of lead batter…

On April 21, the Ministry of Environmental Protection formally approved the approval of Chaowei Group to start the construction of the National Environmental Protection Lead-acid Battery Production and Recycling Pollution Prevention Engineering Technology Center, which marked t

How should broccoli be picked?

Broccoli is a very nutritious vegetable food. The broccoli has a short pay period, so it must be harvested in time. So how should broccoli be picked? Broccoli is a two-year-old herb that is native to the eastern Mediterranean coast. It is cultivated in small quantities in China and is mainly used

Polishing method

Stainless steel "target=_blank>stainless steel pill, etc.) is thrown to the surface of the workpiece to make the surface of the workpiece reach a certain degree of roughness, so that the workpiece becomes beautiful, or the welding tensile stress of the workpiece is changed to compressive s

The arrival of the "diamond" era: nano thin f…

Abstract Researchers at the Dutch Academy of Nanosciences have grown diamond films on quartz substrates and then separated them to place the resulting diamond films on other devices. It has opened the way for the widespread use of nano-diamond films. Material scientists say that we can pass a

Wet cutting

Wet cutting, ie high-pressure water cutting, uses ultra-high pressure water jets to form a “waterjet” cutting material. Advantages: Suitable for all kinds of materials, high precision, small slits, no pollution. Wet cutting, ie high-pressure water cutting, uses ultra-high pressure wate

Vacuum quenching

At present, some heat treatments are inseparable from the cleaning and drying process, especially the various types of heat treatments that require oil cooling. The task of cleaning and drying is more arduous and more difficult. The most effective cleaning agent in the world is a halogen-based cle

High temperature resistant far infrared coating improve…

Radiation is the main way of heat transfer in high temperature conditions in a furnace. Therefore, taking effective measures to strengthen the radiant heat transfer of the kiln is one of the important ways to improve the thermal efficiency of the kiln. Manager, 010-57182232. Under the high tempera