The Ministry of Agriculture did not deny approval for t…

Recently, media reports said that according to the Argentine government, at the recent Forum of Ministers of Agriculture of China and Latin America and the Caribbean, China approved four GM crops imported from Argentina. CCTV reporters sought confirmation from the Ministry of Agriculture, but the

"Green building materials" concept

Under the background of population expansion, environmental pollution and shortage of resources, the concept of “green building materials” broke ground. This seed, which carries good wishes for environmental protection and good health, has taken root, germinated, grown, grown,

Use and hazardous properties of zinc powder

Zinc powder (non-priming) Zn 65.4 : alias sub-lead powder, metal zinc powder, Zinc, metal, powder Dangerous classification and numbering of wet flammable items. GB4.3 class 43014. UN No. 1436 (zinc powder or zinc dust); IMDG CODE 4373, 4.3, sub-hazard 4.2. Self-ignit

Ceramic bathroom industry development "pain"

The logistics industry as a link to carry the material flow between regions, ceramic sanitary enterprises to operate, naturally can not do without the help of the logistics industry. However, due to the uneven development of China's logistics companies and the lack of supervision and p

Xinjiang discovers a value of 20 billion mega gold mine…

The reporter confirmed yesterday through the Xinjiang Ili Hydrographic Survey Bureau that after five years of exploration, a large gold mine was discovered in the Ili River Valley in Xinjiang, which can submit 53 tons of gold resources, and the prospective resources are expected to reach hund

The difference between paint and paint

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Home decoration fish tanks need to pay attention to fen…

What should be paid attention to in the room fish culture aquarium? First, the fish tank of the fish is preferably rectangular or round, and the irregular or triangular fish tank should not be used. Second, the height of the fish tank is not suitable. Too high, the position of the water level

Table color Feng Shui family Wang Renwang stomach mouth…

Create a restaurant with good feng shui and enjoy a good food! Every room in the room has a certain feng shui factor. Restaurant feng shui can directly affect the appetite problem, so you need to think carefully. Regarding the table color feng shui, do you have any good suggestions and ideas?

Restaurant location Feng Shui helps you to come natural…

Since ancient times, people have been eating for food, and enjoying food is a way to improve the quality of life. The environment of the corresponding dining has become the focus of people's attention. It is a very enjoyable thing to enjoy in a comfortable and comfortable environment. Good