The 12th Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Fair concluded with a wonderful review of the scene

The 12th Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Fair was held as scheduled in Zone A of the China Import and Export Fair Complex. The exhibition area reached 50,000 square meters. More than 2,000 Chinese and foreign manufacturers participated in the exhibition, and tens of thousands from more than 70 countries and regions around the world. High-quality buyer groups and businessmen came to visit and purchase, the scene was extremely hot.

The morning of the second day of the exhibition ushered in the highest number of visitors once again. The crowd at the on-site registration desk was crowded, and many visiting buyers were orderly entering the registration desk.

Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Exhibition

Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Exhibition

On the second day (June 27), the on-site activities continued to heat up. On the same day, the on-site meeting activity area on the exhibition was held in the morning by the Guangzhou Hotel Association and Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd. "Air Quality Requirements for Hotel Public Places and Air-conditioning Legionella "Suppression Special Lecture", sincerely invite famous industry experts to give a speech, 120 hotel and hotel managers and technicians from Guangzhou area to attend the meeting.

Guangzhou International Hotel Supplies Exhibition

In the afternoon, the "China Hotel Industry Purchasing and Supply Forum and China Procurement Managers Union Procurement Matchmaking Conference" also achieved a good response. Dr. Mai Peirong from City University of Macau and Yan Shengdao, general manager of Guangzhou Jinpai Hotel Consulting Company gave speeches respectively. Yan Shengdao, deputy secretary-general of China Hotel Procurement Managers Union, presided over the forum. Hu Dengxin, secretary general of the hotel and president of China Hotel Purchasing News, presided over the procurement matchmaking meeting.

In addition, overcrowded on the morning of the 27th was the "Guangzhou International Coffee Cup Test Contest Final". 44 players passed the fierce competition of the previous day, 12 excellent players entered the final, and competed again on the 27th. In the 12 into 4 game, Zhang Jing, Chen Zhimei, Chen Xuechun, Zhao Hewei stood out from the competition and continued to compete for the top three places. Zhang Jing calmly won the championship. Zhao Hewei and Chen Xuechun were runners-up. The fierce professional competition attracted many spectators to stop.

On the other side, Hall 3.1 "Guangzhou International Bartending Culture Exchange" and Hall 1.1 "Cassilanno Coffee Pizza DIY Event" are also in full swing.

The exhibition lasted three days, with a strong atmosphere of on-site business transactions. Exhibitors launched the latest product displays, buyers continued to flow, and many media and news reporters reported the exhibition grand occasion and interviewed some exhibitors.

On the afternoon of the 28th, although the exhibition was nearing its end, many domestic and foreign buyers from all over the world came to visit. This exhibition has been highly praised and recognized by association representatives, exhibitors, buyers and the media. In the interview, it was learned that many exhibitors have indicated that the trade volume of this year's exhibition is good, and they have received publicity from many potential customers and corporate images.

The success of the exhibition is inseparable from the support of all walks of life. I would like to thank all well-known companies in the hotel supplies industry for participating, thank you for your support from visiting buyers from all over the world, thank you for your continued attention from friends in the news media, and the united efforts of all employees of Guangzhou Huazhan , Successfully promoted HOSFAIR hotel exhibition to a new height! Guangzhou Huazhan will also continue its efforts to provide a strong impetus for the development of the hotel supplies industry and build an exhibition service platform for business exchanges.


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