GO Jiaju Suzhou 6th Furniture Fair-Naitu

Naitu Home Furnishing

GO Jiaju is very honored to invite Mr. Wang of Naitu Home Furnishing as our special guest this time.

Editor: What do you think of the effect in the past two days?

Mr. Wang: The effect will definitely be worse than in previous years, because the overall market is not particularly ideal, resulting in a decline in the effect of the entire exhibition.

Editor: Does your brand have some established goals this year?

Mr. Wang: We have been doing this. In this market situation, the producers need to introduce more policies to share some market pressure.

Editor: Compared with previous years, what adjustments have been made to the product?

Mr. Wang: Mainly on a price-performance ratio, the trend of colors, the trend of models, etc., we will further reduce costs and inhibit expansion.

Editor: How to become the consumer's preferred consumer brand?

Mr. Wang: Of course, quality is the most important thing. There is no good quality. How to pack it is also a golden failure.

Editor: What is your opinion on e-commerce?

Mr. Wang: There must be a great advantage in e-commerce. What we have to do now is how to form a balance between physical stores and e-commerce.

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