How to choose the paint color of the room

When you choose paint for decoration , you like to choose according to your favorite color. So, have you considered the effect of room orientation and lighting on the color of the room, and its key restriction on the color of the wall, so different orientations Should choose different colors of paint.


East-facing room: Because sunlight can be received at the earliest, but there is no sunlight at the earliest, so in terms of color tone, it is necessary to choose a color that is mainly warm.

South-facing room: The sunshine time is very long, and the cool color choice will be more comfortable and the effect will be more eye-catching.


West-facing room: The west-facing room accepts the strongest sunset sunlight of the day. It needs to be dark and cool, so that it can be more comfortable.

North-facing room: Since there is no direct sunlight, when choosing a color, you should choose a warm color with a light color.


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