China is fully opening the magic gate to the era of "Internet +"

When China meets "Internet +"

——Writing on the occasion of China’s opening of the “Internet +” era

Entrepreneurial innovation, collaborative manufacturing, modern agriculture, smart energy, inclusive finance, and benefiting people's services... The "Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Actively Promoting "Internet +" Actions" was released on the 4th, clarifying 11 key actions and 7 aspects of support Measures have set development goals. This move means that China is fully opening its doors to the era of "Internet +".

In the past two months, Xinhua News Agency reporters entered the enterprise, explored the park, and visited experts. They felt the strong pulsation of "Internet +" on the land of China, and collected the insights of people of insight to explore the bright future of China's economic and social development after fully embracing the Internet.

"If Ali is opening a store online, the Internet industry is opening a factory online."

Provide "home to eat" network for family kitchens; "Kung Fu Bear" to provide online appointments for tutor services; direct connection between users and luxury goods manufacturers, a pair of French Essilor glasses as long as 169 yuan "necessary"...

From June 6th to 7th, Beijing Liangmahe Building, “Win ​​in China” held a special program “to carry the Internet + 'to the end”, entrepreneurs have successively staged, sharing the ups and downs of Internet entrepreneurship. There are plenty of seats in the hall, and many people stand and listen.

This is a microcosm of the "Internet +" boom in China.

Just over three months ago, the government work report first proposed the development of the "Internet +" action plan.

A stone stirred up a thousand waves. In the past few months, from the ministries to the localities, from Internet companies to traditional enterprises, the pace of action has been accelerated.

Qingdao, a traditional manufacturing city, last year proposed to develop the Internet industry and focus on building an Internet industrial city.

"From the perspective of production organization, if Ali is opening a store online, the Internet industry is opening a factory online." Wang Jingyuan, deputy director of Qingdao Economic and Information Committee, said, "Many companies really want 'Internet +', but don't know how to do it. We have selected 20 typical cases and are also preparing to build a two-in-one (informatization and industrialization) fusion innovation experience center."

"Strong determination, embrace the Internet." Qingdao Municipal Mayor Zhang Xinqi said, "We must have the determination and enthusiasm to cultivate 'five golden flowers' and develop the brand economy, gather resources, strengthen measures, optimize the environment, and fully promote the development of the Internet industry. To insert the wings of the Internet for the development of the manufacturing industry."

A drop of water can see the world, and a city reflects the whole of China -

Fujian issued the "Ten Measures to Accelerate the Development of the Internet Economy", Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia and other places to formulate the "Internet" action plan, and some provinces and cities are "the plan is not out, the action is first", and actively participate in the "Internet +".

The Ministry of Commerce launched the "Internet + Circulation" Action Plan. The General Administration of Customs vigorously promoted cross-border e-commerce pilots. China Telecom released the "Internet +" Action White Paper... From the ministries to the central enterprises, they took measures to implement the State Council. Internet + "Action Plan.

Alibaba, Tencent... Some Internet companies have also begun to deploy, or sign agreements with local governments, open related government services, or establish offline space, and use their own platforms to support innovation and entrepreneurship.

"All regions and departments must take the initiative, improve services, strengthen guidance, and view the 'Internet +' from a dynamic development perspective, and boldly explore and expand in practice." The "Guidance Opinions" further requested various departments.

“Encourage the government and Internet companies to cooperate to establish a credit information sharing platform” “Encourage powerful Internet companies to build a networked collaborative manufacturing public service platform”... “Guiding Opinions” refers to “Internet companies” in 26 and “large” in one Internet companies have high hopes for Internet companies.

Experts believe that with the publication of the "Guidance Opinions", the pace of the implementation of the "Internet +" action implementation plan by various localities and departments will be further accelerated, and Internet companies will accelerate their integration into all aspects of economic and social life.

“With the deepening of integration with traditional industries, the Internet will have a greater positive push energy”

The invention of any technology has a shallow to deep practice process for economic and social impacts. At the same time, the whole society has a shallow understanding of the technology.

“The whole society has deepened its understanding of Internet integration innovation.” This is one of the 2018 development goals proposed by the Guiding Opinions.

Internet technology has been in existence for more than 40 years, and China has been accessing the Internet for 21 years. How to use the Internet? How to promote "Internet +"? The reporter asked and discussed all the way.

On June 30th, Haier announced that it would recruit at least 30,000 Maker from around the world to start a business on the micro-store platform and open 30,000 stores.

In fact, despite the difficulties, Chinese manufacturing companies have already begun to embrace the Internet's various attempts - as the world's largest white goods company, Haier's Internet has spent more than 10 years.

People are one-on-one, everyone is creating customers, users are paying... After a series of subversive reconstructions, Haier has transformed itself into a flat entrepreneurial platform by pyramid-shaped management organizations. On this platform, more than 60,000 employees have only three identities: platform owners, small micro-masters and makers. The mission is to create and meet user needs.

At present, Haier has gathered 1328 venture capital institutions and 98 incubator resources, incubating and nurturing more than 2,000 makers and small companies in the whole society, and launching thousands of innovative products and entrepreneurial projects such as no-clean washing machines. Industry insiders predict that in these small and micro-entrepreneurship teams, there may be several companies with the same equivalent of Haier in the future.

After this "suicide-style rebirth" in the "replacement of the engine in flight", in 2014, the global turnover of Haier Group, which is going to the Internet, reached 2007 billion yuan, an increase of 11% year-on-year; the profit reached 15 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 39%.

Embracing the Internet is not easy, but it will eventually lead to structural changes and efficiency improvements - Haier's practice provides an annotation for "Internet +".

“We have calculated that 'Internet+' has a significant effect on improving production efficiency.” Xin Yongfei, deputy director of the Institute of Policy and Economic Research at the China Institute of Information and Communications Research, said that “Internet +” has broken the traditional information asymmetry. Optimizing resource allocation can significantly increase labor productivity. "The process of Internetization is the process of upgrading the economy and upgrading efficiency."

Yu Yang, chairman of Analysys International, who is committed to "Internet +" research, sees that the Internet is just a tool, an infrastructure like electricity, and a ubiquitous efficiency booster.

"Since the two sessions of the National People's Congress this year, China has fully launched the 'Internet +' first year." He said that with the deepening of integration with traditional industries, the Internet will explode more positively.

"The Internet is not a panacea, but the Internet will connect everything." Tencent founder Ma Huateng said that the Internet is not only a tool, but also a capability, a new kind of DNA that enables all walks of life to revitalize in a new environment.

He believes that "Internet +" will become a new ecology based on the Internet of Everyth, which means building an inclusive economy that is people-oriented and benefits everyone.

Pratts awareness, sharing awareness, through the "Guidance Opinions", the number of reporters, the full text appeared four "Puhui", 29 "shared."

The "Guidance Opinions" more clearly pointed out that "Internet +" is to integrate the innovation of the Internet with all aspects of the economy and society, promote technological progress, efficiency improvement and organizational change, enhance the innovation and productivity of the real economy, and form a wider Internet. A new form of economic and social development for infrastructure and innovation elements.

Compared with the commentary on the "Internet +" when the government work report first mentioned, Zhang Xiaofeng, the promoter of "Internet +" 100 people, was keenly aware of the deepening of the "Internet +" concept in the "Guidance Opinion" - "Internet-based and The “implementation tool” was changed to “Internet-based infrastructure and innovation elements”, and “new form of economic development” was changed to “new form of economic and social development”.

“This shows that the decision-making layer is more aware of the Internet and 'Internet +',” he said.

"China will become the next home of global Internet development"

In Beijing, the Internet and big data allow “Baidu Brain” and artificial intelligence to not only translate and interact in real time, but also reconstruct historical ancient buildings with big data 3D; in Shanghai, consumers can complete payment in Suning “Cloud Shop” in 15 seconds. The Internet brought over 30 million yuan in sales to the Suning “Yundian” on the first day of opening; in Guangzhou, WeChat increased the satisfaction of residents in urban government services by 4.2 percentage points...

In the 21 years since the “touching the net”, the Internet has been deeply embedded in the Chinese economy and society.

iGDP is an indicator of the proportion of the Internet economy to GDP. In China, this proportion has risen from 3.3% in 2010 to 4.4% in 2013, reaching the level of the world's leading countries. The McKinsey Global Institute also released a report predicting that from 2013 to 2025, the Internet will help China increase its GDP growth rate by 0.3 percentage points to 1.0 percentage point.

“A digital revolution is raging in China.” McKinsey’s global director Chen Yougang believes that “the Internet can not only become one of the new engines of the Chinese economy in the next few years, but also change the pattern of economic growth, in terms of productivity, innovation and consumption. GDP growth provides new impetus."

The size of the Internet economy accounts for 5.7% of the total size of the global Internet economy. The world's top ten Internet companies account for 4 seats, the number of Internet users is 649 million, and the total number of mobile phone users is the highest in the world... China has accelerated the development of "Internet +" The solid foundation.

Wu Yihong, former director of the China-US Strategic Cooperation Center at the University of California, Berkeley, and visiting professor at Peking University, conducted in-depth research on hundreds of "Internet +" Chinese companies. She believes that, unlike the past, this time, the information economy led by the Internet has undergone tremendous changes, with many factors, fast speeds, wide spreads, and deep influences, unprecedented.

There was a Cambrian period in the geological time. About 530 million years ago, life exploded, life forms became simple and complicated, and new species were born.

Yang Le, a senior researcher at Tencent Research Institute, compared "Internet +" to the "Cambrian" of the commercial society: "In the era of 'Internet +', we will be fortunate to witness the emergence of many new commercial species, and the Chinese economy will be more unprecedented. vitality."

Zhang Xiaofeng, editor-in-chief of the Internet + National Strategic Action Roadmap, recently launched the "Internet + Hundred People's Association." He said that in the current China, "Internet +" is evolving into a collective practice and socialized creative experiment that rediscovers the factors of production and releases the kinetic energy of productivity. It is a deep concern in the fields of lifestyle, production methods, and social ecological governance models. Level reconstruction.

Just as "Navigation+" has made Britain's global trade advantage, "Railway +" has promoted the US economy to take off... Chen Yougang said: "The 'Internet +' provides a unique historical opportunity for China's economic re-make, which is the result of the National Games. ”

Fang Xingdong, one of the founders of the Internet Lab and the "Godfather of Chinese Blog", is also optimistic about the future. He predicted that as the world's second largest economy, China will use the "Internet +" east wind to become the next home of global Internet development and lead a new round of global change.

“Promoting the integration of the Internet and various industries to go out of the early stages”

On the production line, every time the worker picks up the electronic card and aligns it with the electronic screen, and then cuts and stitches the cloth of different sizes and colors...

In the workshop of Qingdao Red Collar Group, under the data driven, after 298 procedures, a suit belonging to foreign men named “Say Weininger” was perfectly released.

At the end of the workshop, hundreds of suits were hung on rows of tens of meters long hangers, no one. "It takes only 7 days from the customer to place an order for the mouse to get ready-to-wear." Red-collar Chairman Zhang said.

However, for the 7 days – from the traditional garment process to the use of the Internet to enable consumers to directly customize personalized clothing to the enterprise, the daily output of suits reaches 1,500 packages – the “Internet +” course of the red collar is gone. For 12 years, the unrecognized Zhang agent has even been ridiculed as a "neuropathy."

"Internet +" is far more unknown than known, the future space is infinite, and every point of exploration is invaluable.

In the survey, the reporter found that companies such as Red Collars that have successfully achieved "Internetization" are still rare. This new model of the Internet industry that created the new business concept of "C2M (Customer to Factory)" is worth promoting.

The release of the "Guidance Opinions" does not mean that it is smooth sailing, and it is not a good thing.

Traditional enterprises have insufficient awareness and ability to use the Internet. Internet companies have not understood the traditional industries in depth. The new business development faces institutional and institutional obstacles. The cross-border integration talents are seriously lacking. The "Guiding Opinions" pointed out that the "Internet +" actions are on the way. The four major problems are crucial and urgently need to be resolved.

“The degree of integration between the Internet and various industries is still in its infancy, and it needs to be continuously explored and promoted on the basis of practice,” said Li Weijin, deputy dean of the Institute of Internet Information, Communication University of China.

In order to better solve the bottleneck constraints faced by the "Internet +" action, Zhang Ruimin, Zhang Jindong, Xin Yongfei, Wang Jingyuan and other interviewees made comments and suggestions:

-- Adhere to planning and leading. The integration and innovation of the Internet and all walks of life are the general trend. However, some local government departments and some market entities have overreacted to the "Internet +" and are competing for the "Internet +" project, which may lead to partial homogenization competition and Internet bubble. It is suggested that relevant parties should combine their own characteristics, do a good job in planning, scientific layout, concentrate their strength, and steadily and steadily to form a regional development advantage.

- Optimize the development environment. "Internet +" is a new thing. The government department should respect the dominant position of the market, allow market participants to try and make mistakes, and try to create a relaxed and inclusive environment for stimulating the vitality of market development, instead of recommending that the government While supporting the cross-border e-commerce, the application restrictions on mobile payment licenses will be relaxed, allowing more companies to have equal opportunities to develop Internet finance services.

-- Strengthening talent development. As an extension of the practice of “integration and integration” between informatization and industrialization, talents are the key to realizing the effectiveness of “Internet+” actions. All walks of life urgently need to cultivate cross-border integration talents who understand both business and Internet technology.

Experts and scholars also suggested focusing on highlighting development priorities, increasing special support, innovating financing services, improving infrastructure, introducing and cultivating leaders, promoting industrial agglomeration, and cultivating intellectual capital, in order to explore the path of economic and social innovation with Chinese characteristics.

By 2018, new Internet-based formats will become the driving force for new economic growth;

By 2025, the new "Internet +" economic form has taken shape, and "Internet +" has become an important driving force for economic and social innovation and development...

The road map has been clearly drawn, and the "Internet +" horn is officially blowing! China is open arms and embraces an era of "Internet +" that belongs to the world.

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