Which fertilizer is suitable for the fertilizer

Ammonium bicarbonate (volatility and corrosive, easy to smear seeds and seedlings), superphosphate (containing free sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid, causing damage to seed germination and seedling growth), urea (generating a small amount of biuret, If the content exceeds 2%, it will cause toxicity to seeds and seedlings), potassium chloride (containing chloride ions), ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate (containing nitrate ions, which is toxic to seed germination), and unfertilized farmyard manure (in During the fermentation process, a large amount of heat energy is released, and the roots are easily burned, and the ammonia gas is released to burn the seedlings. These are not suitable for seed fertilizer. The fertilizer should use a compound fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The nitrogen content should not be too high, otherwise it will easily cause burning and burning. It is best to use stable long-acting slow-release fertilizer, such as double 40% (26-8-6) intelligent zinc controlled release fertilizer, 48% (26-10-12) stable compound fertilizer, 51% (31- 10-10), this not only provides the nutrients needed for crop seedling growth, but also ensures that it does not lose fertilizer in the later stage.
How far is the seed fertilizer?
The concentrated application of chemical fertilizer to the roots will increase the salt concentration of the soil solution in the root zone, and increase the osmotic pressure of the soil solution, hindering the penetration of soil moisture into the roots and causing damage to the crops due to lack of water. Fertilizers applied directly to the roots, especially nitrogen fertilizers, cause the roots to over-absorb nutrients even if the concentration does not reach the level of “burning out” crops. The stems and leaves are prolonged, which may lead to disease, lodging, etc., resulting in crop yield reduction. Therefore, keep seeds and fertilizers at intervals of 5 cm or more, preferably 10 cm.
How much fertilizer is suitable?
If the crop cannot be watered in time after planting, the amount of seed fertilizer (common ternary compound fertilizer) should generally not exceed 25 kg per mu. When the crop is 5-7 leaves, 10-15 kg per acre is applied. If it can be watered in time, and the seed fertilizer interval is more than 7 cm, the amount of fertilizer can reach 40 kg per mu.
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