What are the options for steering wheel locks?

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The steering wheel lock is an effective anti-theft tool for cars. The steering wheel lock is generally composed of a lock handle, a lock seat and a lock lever. The lock seat and the lock case are directly mounted on the lock handle. One end of the lock handle is directly provided with a lock lever. The lock bar has a series of platform sides which are vertical sides and the other side. It is a hypotenuse. When using, first lock the steering wheel and the hook to the steering wheel of the car, thereby restricting the rotation of the steering wheel, thereby achieving the anti-theft function.
What are the options for steering wheel locks?
What are the options for steering wheel locks?
The most seen in the auto parts market are: Golden Wolf, Silver Wolf, Golden Shield, Baseball Lock, Folding Lock, Blue Eagle, and Armor Lock. These brands are the most popular car steering wheel locks for consumers. They are also relatively easy-to-accept brands for consumers. Their retail price in the market is between 90 and 200 yuan, which is the ideal price that consumers can accept. So many brands above, how should we choose the most suitable? Let's take a look at the situation of the major brands and the performance of all aspects of the lock. Golden wolf and silver wolf are products with a wide coverage on the market. They are many styles and cheap, and are the low-end products in the steering wheel lock of automobiles. These two brands were originally products from the same factory. Due to internal reasons, they finally formed the two brands of Golden Wolf and Silver Wolf.
I believe that all the riders know that the Golden Shield Lock series is a symbol of Taiwanese products. In fact, the manufacturers of Golden Shield Lock are not in Taiwan, but in Fuzhou, Fujian, and most of the products they produce are processed and produced by other manufacturers. The Golden Shield series anti-theft lock lock core uses a rocket lock cylinder, which has good anti-theft performance and various styles. It is a product that buyers can consider to purchase. The prices of these products range from 180 to 1400 yuan, which are medium to high-end products. There are some styles of the Golden Shield Lock that are electronic locks with automatic alarm function.
Baseball lock is the lock with the highest market share in China. Because of its product characteristics: car anti-theft, human self-defense characteristics, it is deeply loved by consumers and has become a hot product of car anti-theft lock. There are about four manufacturers producing baseball locks, including the Golden Wolf, Silver Wolf, Golden Shield, Dashun and other factories. The lock cores used are different, so the riders should be very careful when choosing this type of products. The lock of the baseball lock is relatively simple and practical, so it is worth buying by consumers. The shortcoming of the baseball lock is that the lock body is relatively easy to fall off. It has not been completely solved in the market for three years, and it is easy to hang the leather and mahogany of the steering wheel. The price of this kind of products in the market ranges from 90 to 130 yuan, which is a mid-range product.
Folding lock is a product with superior anti-theft performance on the market, and it is easy to use, simple to lock, and has a wide market coverage. It is a good product recommended by the author. There are two types of lock cylinders for this type of products: precision serpentine lock cylinders and cylinder lock cylinders. Folding lock, because of the flexible locking method, is not affected by the steering wheel cover, does not scratch the leather and mahogany, so it is a more influential product on the market.

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