Why is the cloth sofa recommended by the southerners for the fabric sofa brand?

Why are cloth sofas popular with southerners? The cloth sofa brand recommended Shutun as a new and fashionable sofa fabric enterprise. In just a few years, it won a dazzling sales performance in China. Its pattern and design are the objects of peer competition. As the center of Chinese furniture materials, Longjiang will certainly not ignore this important area. In the end, Kashington fell to the Nori textile in Longjiang, and the general manager of Noxi Textile, Li Jianhui, is a young man who has returned from overseas studies and has several years of experience in fabric management. The cooperation between the two can be It is said that young people are confronted with new enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Noxi Textile, located in Area A of Longjiang Asia International Materials City, Shunde, officially entered the company at the end of last year. Li Jianhui, the helm at the helm, is a local young man after 85, full of sunshine and full of vigor. Li Jianhui had several years of experience in the sofa fabric before running Nohe Textile. He said that during the period, Longjiang was the base, and the markets in Guangdong, Sichuan, Chengdu and East China continued to run, playing with large and small fabric sofa companies. Many people have also been active in the furniture and home decoration exhibitions at home and abroad. Because of the years of honestly soaking in the fabric of the sofa, his "outsider" who knew nothing about the sofa fabric has already become " Master." With the love and confidence in the fabric market, Li Jianhui jumped out of the original company in 2013 and became the independent agent of Kastun in Longjiang.

Kashington is a cutting-edge brand that was founded in 2011. Li Jianhui was investigating why a brand-name shield would select a new brand that was not long-term. Among them, there were factors that attracted young and new players, but more importantly, although Kashuton is a new brand, its manufacturer It is an established company. The head office of Kastun is the well-known Shengyuan Group in East China. Its brand has a brand called "Iston", which is specialized in fabric export, and the market covers the United States and Europe. In 2011, the head office made a strategic adjustment. In addition to continuing to keep the export market unchanged, another brand called “Cashuton” was added for domestic sales. Because it has a solid foundation in R&D and production, in two or three years, Kashington has opened up the situation in North China, East China, South China and Southwest China, becoming a dark horse in the industry, especially in Chengdu, leading the industry. The trend.

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