Automotive engine running-in and maintenance points

Car running-in, also known as the first drive or walk. It is a "trial run" period that must first be carried out after a new car or overhaul. Because the auto parts that have just been manufactured (especially those with friction between them) have undergone fine processing (a) why the new car should be used to run the car, it is also called the first drive or walk. It is a "trial run" period that must first be carried out after a new car or overhaul. Because the auto parts that have just been manufactured (especially those with friction between them) have been finely processed, they seem to be smooth and mirror-like, smooth and perfect, but they are still rough under the microscope. The surface is jagged and even has burrs. In this case, if no measures are taken in the initial stage of use, the wear will be aggravated and the service life of the vehicle will be seriously affected. Therefore, each car manufacturer has carefully defined the running-in period for its own cars through careful testing, usually in the range of 0-5000 km. During this running-in period, the car mainly strictly abides by the manufacturer's regulations on the use of the new car during the running-in period. Generally: load reduction, speed limit and engine speed, good choice of roads, lubrication, timely maintenance to the designated repair shop, and no emergency acceleration, sudden braking, not allowed for traction and driving instructors. Through these running-in measures, the wear of the automobile at the initial stage of use can be greatly reduced, and the amount of wear saved can be used in the normal use stage, and the service life of the automobile can be greatly extended. Therefore, the new car must have a running-in period to extend the life of the car. At the same time, through in-depth observation of the running-in period, the owner can understand all aspects of his car, discover hidden dangers in time, and ensure the reliability of car use. Therefore, the owner must overcome the impatience during the running-in period, resist the temper, drive carefully according to the running-in requirements, especially not to dismantle the speed limit device on the new car in advance, and strictly follow the manufacturer's regulations to complete the maintenance of the new car running-in period, which is absolutely for your car. beneficial. (II) Function and method of using the protective agent during engine running-in period to improve the running-in quality of the car and prolong the service life of the engine. The metal magic particles suspended during the running-in period will not cause the dry grinding of the abrasive to effectively reduce the fuel consumption during the running-in period of the new car. Sludge and other deposits clean piston rings and valves, improve engine performance, remove hydraulic tappet noise, make engine running quieter, restore hydraulic valve lift system, valve track, valve lifter, rocker shaft and piston ring for normal operation Method: When the gasoline engine is in the running-in period or the hydraulic tappet is issued? The proportion of oil is added to the engine crankcase. Note: Keep away from children. (III) Six major points of engine maintenance 1. Use the appropriate quality grade of lubricating oil for gasoline engines. SD-SF gasoline engine oil should be selected according to the additional equipment and operating conditions of the intake and exhaust system; diesel engine should choose CB according to mechanical load. - CD grade diesel engine oil, the selection criteria shall not be lower than the requirements specified by the manufacturer. 2. Regularly change the oil and filter. Any quality grade of lubricating oil will change during use. After a certain mileage, the performance deteriorates, which will bring various problems to the engine. In order to avoid the occurrence of faults, oil should be changed regularly according to the conditions of use, and the amount of oil should be moderate (usually the upper limit of the oil scale is better). As the oil passes through the pores of the filter, solid particles and viscous materials in the oil accumulate in the filter. If the filter is clogged, the oil will not pass through the filter element, it will swell the filter element or open the safety valve, and pass through the bypass valve, still bring the dirt back to the lubrication part, causing the engine to wear and the internal pollution is intensified. 3. Keep the crankcase well ventilated Now most gasoline engines are equipped with PCV valves (crankcase forced ventilation) to encourage the engine to ventilate, but the pollutants in the helium “will deposit around the PCV valve, which may block the valve. When the PCV valve is blocked, the polluted gas flows backward to the human air filter, pollutes the filter element, reduces the filtering capacity, and the inhaled mixture is dirty, which causes the crankcase pollution, resulting in increased fuel consumption, increased engine wear, and even damage to the engine. Therefore, PCV must be regularly maintained to remove contaminants around the PCV valve. 4. Regular cleaning of the crankcase engine During operation, high-pressure unburned gases, acids, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen oxides in the combustion chamber pass through the piston ring. The gap between the cylinder wall and the cylinder wall enters the crankcase and mixes with the metal powder generated by the wear of the parts to form sludge. When the amount is small, it is suspended in the oil. When the amount is large, it is precipitated from the oil, blocking the filter and the oil hole, causing the oil to be clogged. Engine lubrication is difficult, causing wear. In addition, when the oil is oxidized at high temperature, it will form a paint film and carbon deposits on the piston, which will increase the engine fuel consumption and power. In severe cases, the piston ring is stuck and pulled. Therefore, the crankcase is cleaned regularly by using BGl05 (lubricating system efficient and quick cleaning agent) to keep the internal combustion of the engine. 5. Regularly clean the fuel system. The fuel is supplied to the combustion chamber through the oil passage. During the combustion process, gelatinous and carbon deposits are inevitably formed, which are deposited in the oil passages, carburetor, fuel injectors and combustion chambers, interfere with fuel flow, destroy normal air-fuel ratio, and cause poor fuel atomization. Performance problems such as engine surge, explosion, idle speed, and poor acceleration. Use BG208 (fuel system powerful and efficient cleaning agent) to clean the fuel system, and regularly use BG202 to control the formation of carbon deposits, so that the engine can always be kept in an optimal state. 6. Regular maintenance of the water tank The rust and scaling of the engine water tank is the most common problem. The rust and scale will limit the flow of the coolant in the cooling system, reduce the heat dissipation, cause the engine to overheat, and even cause engine damage. It will form an acidic substance and corrode the metal parts of the water tank, causing damage and leakage of the water tank. Regular use of BG540 (water tank strong Efficient cleaning agent) washing tank, wherein the removal of rust and scale, not only to ensure the normal operation of the engine, and to extend the overall life of the tank and the engine.


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