Cable sign pile how many meters

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Introduce how many meters of cable marking piles before you explain what is the cable marking pile.
Cable sign pile how many meters
Cable marking piles are also known as: power cable sign piles, sign piles, natural gas sign pile channel vertical sign piles. Commonly used in power, communication, gas, water, railway geographic pipeline path channel signs and warning signs. It is used for the indication of pipeline paths on both sides of downtown, scenic areas, green belts, bushes and pipe jacking.
Cable sign pile features
1. High strength, the product adopts new unsaturated resin material and is pressed by high temperature.
2. Anti-shock. Wear-resistant. High temperature resistance. Corrosion-resistant, so the service life is up to 30 years.
3. The appearance is beautiful, the product can be made into various colors, the font pattern is clear, the warning is obvious and the urban environment can be beautified.
4. Light weight, easy to transport and install, can greatly reduce labor and reduce labor intensity.
5. Anti-theft, the synthetic material has no recycling value and is naturally anti-theft. The miscellaneous arrangement between ordinary cable piles and UFHAS can effectively solve the problem of the excavation of important underground facilities, and has significant social and economic benefits. The invention fills the domestic gap and has a leading level in the world.
Cable sign pile how many meters
Cable marking piles in cable engineering are generally set up at around 15 meters. The reasons for this are:
(1) The spacing is appropriate and will not burden the cable too much.
(2) Ensure that each cable is equally spaced and improve efficiency.

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