KRAIBURG TPE launches new TPE series for EPDM two-component automotive applications

HC Plastics News: KRAIBURGTPE launched a new line of thermoplastic elastomers at the German Plastics Industry Exhibition in Friedrichshafen from October 17th to 21st this year. Adhesive properties and UV resistance, specially developed for two-component applications of EPDM.

The new compounds in the THERMOLASTK range are mainly used in the automotive sector, such as EPDM window coverings and sealing profiles with shaped TPE elbow fittings and end elements.

The automotive industry is the largest and fastest growing thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) market. For new applications such as door and window seals, dimensionally stable elbow fittings and end elements are required.

In the past, this requirement was achieved by styrene-butadiene compounds (SBC) and crosslinked thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) rubbers. However, due to various factors in the manufacturing process, the cost-effectiveness of TPV is very limited, which is especially noticeable in window coverings. KRAIBURG TPE's EPDM rubberized product line is a good alternative with added value.

The core requirements for window trim profiles and end elements include excellent encapsulation and weatherability, which can be achieved with long-term process stability of TPE/rubber joints. In order to reduce the cooling and circulation time of the two-component components, it is also necessary to minimize the injection temperature of the TPE solution.

The AD/EPDM/UV series combines optimum encapsulation performance, long-term resistance to UV radiation, and thermal effects of 70 ShoreA hardness to meet all of the above requirements. EPDM profiles are neither compressed nor damaged or deformed. This compound has a color fastness consistent with EPDM and TPE without a tendency to produce stickiness or phase separation.

KRAIBURG TPE examines the suitability of new materials for comprehensive testing of encapsulation, weathering and heat aging. Processability and stability are optimized through close cooperation with machine and mold manufacturers. Several customers in the automotive industry have tested AD/EPDM/UV technology and the results show that the cleanliness of the surface of the EPDM in contact with the TPE is critical to these two-component components, and the newly cut sealing profile produces the best package. Glue performance.

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