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The beauty of the drawer is a matter of personal preference, but the function and service life depend on the quality of the three drawer rails. Like the door hinge, the slide rail is a hardware accessory that needs to be frequently used in daily life, so the slide rail occupies a very important position in the furniture fitting, so the purchase of the three-section drawer rail has become a skill that the home improvement person needs to understand. Today, Xiaobian is here to list the main points of the purchase of slide rails and the misunderstandings that need to be avoided. Last time we talked about the main points of purchasing a three-piece chest of drawers, this time we will talk about thunder points. Mistakes in the selection of three drawer rails: 1. The normal operation of the slide rail is mainly achieved by the ball between the rail and the rail, but there are often people who mistakenly think that the more the balls, the smoother the rails. This is not the case. The number of balls is only a small part of the reason. The smoothness of the three-section drawer rail depends on two conditions: one is the fullness of the ball shape, the inner ball is solid and full, the shape is smooth, the slide rail runs smoothly; the second is the thickness of the material, only the thickness of the slide rail is uniform. Make the slides run smoother. 2. Many people will take the slide rails on their hands when they try three-drawer rails to test the smoothness of the slide rails and whether there is noise problem. In fact, this method is wrong. Because the slide rails are not loaded with weight when trying on the hand, there are gaps between the balls and the channels and between the track and the track, and noise is generated by the collision during the sliding. Some unscrupulous manufacturers will use the unprofessional purchaser to increase the dose of lubricant, fill the gap, and achieve no-slip sliding of the slide rail. This approach will greatly reduce the smoothness of the rails, and too much lubricant will corrode the iron, making it easier to oxidize the mass change. Over time, the rails will be completely unusable due to rust. Only in the case of weight bearing, the quality of the slide rail can be completely detected. After reading this article, I believe it will help you to select the slides. The knowledge of furniture hardware is shared from Tuochen Hardware. Don't thank me, I am the red scarf of Tuochen Hardware! Http:// Analysis of the selling point of three drawer rails - Tuochen Hardware

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