Why the service life of stainless steel ball valve is long

The use of stainless steel ball valves has a longer service life than other valve products. What are the structural characteristics that lead to this reason? Where is the design of the stainless steel ball valve? Today we come to discuss together!

The stainless steel ball valve has two ways to reduce the resistance of the piping system. The first is to reduce the flow rate of the fluid. For this reason, the pipe diameter and the valve diameter need to be increased. This has an adverse effect on the economical efficiency of the piping system, especially for low temperature conveying. The system (liquid hydrogen) is extremely unfavorable. Why does the stainless steel ball valve have the feature of improving the service life?

(1) Reduce the local resistance of the valve. Therefore, the ball valve naturally becomes the best choice.

(2) Ball valve opening and closing switch is quick and convenient.

Since the ball valve normally only needs to rotate the handle by 90° to complete the full open or full close action, it is easy to achieve rapid opening and closing. It can realize fast opening and closing, and the opening and closing time of some structures is only 0.05-0.1s to ensure it can be used in the automation system of the test bench. When opening and closing the valve quickly, there is no impact on the operation.

(3) Ball valve sealing performance is good.

The valve seats of most ball valves are made of elastic materials such as Teflon, and the sealing pairs of metal and non-metal materials are often called soft seals. In general, the soft seal sealability is easy to guarantee, and the processing precision and surface roughness requirements of the seal surface are not very high either.

(4) The ball valve has a long service life.

Due to the good self-lubrication of PTFE, friction and wear with the ball is small, and due to the improvement of the ball processing technology, the roughness is reduced, thereby increasing the service life of the ball valve.

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