The advantages of Santa Fe flooring and competitive products can attract the attention of consumers

With the improvement of people's living standards, the brands and types of floor tiles on the market are also diverse. There are ceramic tiles, marble, solid wood floors, solid wood composite floors, etc. Each floor tile has its own advantages and disadvantages, but consumers prefer the floor. The floor has unparalleled advantages compared to floor decoration such as tiles, marble, and carpets. In particular, the floor feel, environmental protection, and wooden patterns make people feel more natural and natural. Why do many people love Santa's flooring? What are the advantages of Santa's flooring ? Next, let me introduce how Santa's flooring is. Interested friends take a look!

How about Santa flooring?

The brand of Suzhou Yihui Shengda Wood Industry Co., Ltd. won the honor of “?China Well-known Trademark, Top 500 Asian Brands”. The products obtained a number of national patent technologies, covering: solid wood, multi-layer, antique, parquet and other categories, with two garden plants occupying over 100,000 square meters.

How about Santa's flooring - Santa Clara Real Wood Flooring Series

The products that have been deposited for more than 20 years, the strong technical and production experience, and the strict material selection and management practices have made this product well received by consumers. At present, it covers dozens of tree species and hundreds of single products. Simultaneously, it develops and innovates high-stability and cost-effective tree species, and provides fashionable flooring products to consumers of different strata.

How about Santa's flooring - Santa Clara laminate flooring

Saint Valentine's Live Intensive Series is the main product, rich production experience + strong research and development capabilities, to achieve the perfect balance of science and technology and aesthetics, so that physical and mental health and happy life has become the norm. With the current mainstream form and technology of reinforced flooring, it has abundant colors, outstanding imagination, and can meet many requirements of modern life.

How about Santa's flooring - Santa's multi-layer floor series

The advantages of natural comfort and easy maintenance, outstanding aesthetic effects and use of functions represent the trend of home development. With its rich shapes, various specifications, easy-to-be-shopping, and easy care, it meets the expectations of modern people in the pursuit of environmental protection and advocacy for nature. It also complies with the accelerated pace of life.

Santa's Advantage

Core Advantage One: Scientific selection and proper use.

To warm the use of solid wood flooring, there are strict requirements on the wood, based on data: the selection of a thousand years of old wood, such as merbau, Asian pear, oak, as the best solid wood species to warm.

Core Advantage II: Triple health, balanced moisture content.

In the warm environment, the floor moisture content is critical. Pure solid wood floor, 280 days of triple health technology, after high temperature drying, natural health, balance the internal stress, balanced moisture content.

Core advantage three: double lock, 5000 cattle.

The double-locking process is used to form an overall dilution and decompose the stress in the floor. In the geothermal environment, the same rise and contraction are achieved, and the floor is not arched or cracked.

Core advantage four: fast heat conduction, long-lasting insulation.

Unique thermal conductivity technology, special conductive back slot, improve heat transfer efficiency, thermal conductivity, room temperature can be arbitrarily adjusted, the surface temperature is 60% of the heat source temperature, heat preservation effect is remarkable.

Core advantage five: six seals, deep lock water.

Six-side vacuum sealer ensures moisture does not leak, reduces the influence of temperature and humidity changes on the floor, locks water in depth, and controls water content in a balanced manner. At the same time, 9 composite super wear-resistant German Kenfo paint, the floor texture is natural, clear and transparent.

Santa's environmental advantages

Light curing process, drying, curing process, the use of radiation, high temperature drying paint, no harmful substances; AD48 innovative technology, 48 hours completely natural air-dried, no environmental hazards for consumers.

Santa's brand advantage

Founded in 1988, it is a professional and technical enterprise. Headquartered in Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, adjacent to Nanxun, Zhejiang, the company has three major production bases. In 2011, it again added nearly 40,000 standard workshops and supporting equipment. The scale and location advantages will be even more significant.

“Santa Floor” selects German and Italian full production lines, and is certified to ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system. The product line covers five categories of solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, antique flooring, and art parquet flooring, and is fully self-manufactured. , Under the comprehensive supervision of excellent equipment and quality management, product quality is obvious to all, and it is one of the few full-line manufacturers; over the past 30 years, it is home to nearly 30 provinces, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and more than 10 countries and regions. Provide excellent products and services, and received wide acclaim.

Editor's summary: The multi-type floor of Santa Fe Flooring can meet the needs of different people on the floor, and the detail processing of Santa flooring is better than that of other brands of floor tiles. Designers integrated the concept of environmental protection in the design and manufacturing process. Make the floor more valuable.

Santa flooring

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