European development experience proves: Guangdong Province is the best investment area for PV power plants in China

2018 China's photovoltaic power plant investment key areas, in the completion of the super 120G installed, the regional installed capacity of photovoltaic installations in various regions? What are the changes in the representational characteristics? “From the experience and lessons of large-scale PV development in China, the trend of PV development in Europe and the United States shows that in the cycle, Guangdong Province is the safest and most stable investment area for PV power plants in China, and can withstand the time test.” JHC Yin Cunqi believes that the development of photovoltaic power plants at home and abroad is comprehensive. The key gradient transfer of national PV development and the large-scale development of China's photovoltaics in the first phase are coming to an end. Since the development of China's first-stage large-scale photovoltaic power station in 2014, the main areas of the main region before the end of 2016 are as follows: 18224711180535.png The map basically reflects the developer's judgment on China's PV investment in various regions before 2016, and after the 2017 PV installation blowout, the main area shows dynamic changes: How long does the western region limit the uncertainty of the western provinces? The coordination and preparation of relevant national aspects, especially the construction of ultra-high pressure passages, cannot guarantee that the light will not exceed 10% in the next three years. For example, in Xinjiang, Gansu and Ningxia, the package will soon enter the red warning of Inner Mongolia, and these areas Can't see that sometimes the rate of light rejection has dropped, but in the long-term (10 years) of the future, there is a rebound at any time. It can be said that the investment income in the region is extremely unstable in the long period; this includes Yunnan, the same as the clean energy hydropower. It has been more than five years, and the annual abandoned power exceeds 10 billion kWh, and the converted PV installed capacity is over 10G. The construction of the trans-area ultra-high voltage power grid channel is the key, but the actual situation of the power consumption channel always lags behind the power point construction, and the abandoned light becomes the new normal. . The second central and eastern regions are close to the current grid-adjusting capacity "ceiling". The central and eastern regions have been over-expanded in 2017 plus the 2018 plan project, which is close to the ceiling of the existing grid's maximum adjustment capacity. Anwei Province is the first known area that has been scientifically calculated by the Electric Power Institute. The calculation result in 2016 is the photovoltaic power station power supply that can withstand the 8G gap impact in the first stage of the largest power grid. The safety of the power grid will be threatened and will appear. Abandoned light, but Anwei province's “first build first served” plus front runner base, photovoltaic poverty alleviation project, the actual installed capacity at the end of the year is close to 8g (built indicators and other grids, or grid-connected electricity price only), has been exposed The completed front-runner base will face the problem of light abandonment; the intermittent nature of photovoltaics, the winter heating period to the north of the Yangtze River, the photovoltaic and wind power north of the Yangtze River are facing abandoned light, otherwise the heating of residents is affected, which is the current power grid adjustment capability. The weakness of the non-grid company can solve this problem in the northeast. After the development of the installed capacity in 2017, Hebei will surpass 5% in 2018 (the main time point in winter and spring), even bigger. Increase the 2G front runners, but also can not forsake more than 5% of the light, Shaanxi has happened and more than 5%, Shanxi will follow, Henan, Hubei still have some space, but the two places first Come policies coupled photovoltaic poverty, we are close to the first phase of the power consumptive ceiling on the road, but also shows China's first large-scale photovoltaic development phase is nearing completion. Analysis of the relative opportunities south of the Three Yangtze Rivers The south of the Yangtze River, the development resources of Jiangsu and Zhejiang have been dug up and the stocks are limited. After a round of development, Jiangxi is the first place in the country to take the initiative to remind people to absorb risks (2016), reflecting the scientific decision-making and the responsibility of the company. At present, the main use of the stock consumption space is Photovoltaic poverty alleviation; Hunan has already taken the road. At present, it is mainly based on photovoltaic poverty alleviation. The county's statistics on photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects are over 6G. Due to the lack of installed capacity in the early stage, I don't know what is abandoned. Fortunately, Hunan Power Grid has built ahead in the past few years, leaving a maneuver. Space; there is space in Guangxi, but the Guangxi government actively controls the development progress, which is also a virgin land; Guizhou resources are too weak after all, and have a late-comer advantage in poverty alleviation and development; Fujian, Hainan Hainan has a certain small space, and the largest development market south of the Yangtze River is Guangdong, Guangdong has set up a battleground for photovoltaics. Four economic development is the basis for safeguarding consumption/International PV application development trend for Guangdong. The development of European and American countries began with the most economically developed regions. However, China's PV development has gone through today, and it has experienced western PV consumption, and central adjustment. After the consumption is close to the ceiling, the PV power plant investment developers are waking up. The safest investment is to ensure that the sufficient areas are consumed in a certain period of time, and the investment income cannot be determined mechanically according to the solar natural resources (JHC calculation, actual situation, western photovoltaic In the past three years, the average power generation output was less than 1,000 hours, the electricity price was lower than that of Guangdong, and the operation cost of sand dust increased. In the same period, the average real income of western investment was lower than that of Guangdong by more than 20%. JHC Yin Cunqi analyzed that the safest area for investment in photovoltaic power plants in China is currently in Guangdong Province. The basic resource endowment of solar energy in European countries is at the same level as that in Guangdong Province. The first phase of large-scale PV development in the world began in Europe. The economic development is the basis for ensuring the full consumption of clean electricity and guaranteeing investment returns. The largest province in China’s economy Guangdong has sufficient consumption space, adjustable grid space, and excellent air quality (substantially free from smog and reduced power generation and maintenance costs), which are the advantages that other provinces in China cannot achieve at this stage. Make Guangdong Province the best investment area for China's undisputed PV power plants. Looking forward to the future, the development of photovoltaic power plants in Guangdong is diversifying, optimizing, miniaturizing, multi-energy complementarity, and presenting photovoltaic poverty alleviation and well-off projects, industrial and commercial rooftop distribution and household use, while diversifying the benefits of photovoltaic poverty alleviation. Photovoltaic + parallel and interactive performance is brilliant, the most eye-catching is still the distribution of industrial and commercial roofs in urban and rural areas; and China's photovoltaic development should also learn about European green finance and consumption conditions. Author: Yin Qi deposit

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