Is it useful to stand at an office table?

The office family knows that sitting 8 hours a day is not good for the body, just as the current popular phrase says "sitting always is just as harmful as smoking," and Chinese medicine believes that sedentary wounds, sedentary brain damage, and sedentary injuries Heart, sedentary wounds, sedentary damage and bone injury. As a result, there are desks standing on the desk market. People do not know much about this new product, and they all want to know if the office table is useful . How to choose the table standing office ?


It's not hard to choose a desk to stand on, but it's hard to stand for 8 hours every day. It's better to sit for a while and turn around, so it's not reasonable to use a station desk directly. The station desk is on the market. Many are lifting tables. Changing your posture every 20 to 40 minutes can improve your body's blood circulation. It's more beneficial than exercising every day, because the exercise after work can't make up for the damage of a wrong posture all day long. Others believe that people stand three to five times more calories than sitting, and standing for one hour is equivalent to running one kilometer. Assuming 8 hours of work a day, and 4 hours of work with a standing position, it is equivalent to running 4 kilometers a day, and the effect of running 4 kilometers on the health of the body is self-evident.


So how do you choose a station desk?

1. The speed of lifting and lowering of the sitting desk is not the most important indicator. We will not adjust the height of the table several times a day. Even the slowest manual adjustment method can have ten seconds. Adjust to the desired height. If a friend who has a preference for the height of the lift table can first consider the air lift table.

2. The most important indicator of sitting and lifting desks is the stability. For example, a small brand inferior lifting table, when the keyboard is hit on the desktop, the display will be slightly shaken, and the damage to the eyesight is quite large. So pick the lifting table, we must first determine the stability of its desktop.

3, if you want to completely avoid the shake of the monitor, in addition to requiring the lift table is very calm, the fundamental solution is to support the mouse and keyboard support parts and display support parts independent of each other.

4, to be able to adjust the distance between the display screen and the keyboard and mouse. The distance from the monitor to the eyes is about 460mm, and the visual angle is 10-20 degrees. The elbow has an angle of approximately 90 degrees and the wrist is flush with the plane of the keyboard and mouse. Only in this standard posture can you fully open the upper body torso, prevent the hunchback, and keep your breathing smooth. A monitor stand can also be configured to adjust the height and angle of the monitor.

Health is the root of life. Only with a healthy body can our work be more motivated and more meaningful. Finally, I hope to help you with the usefulness of the desk you are working on. If you want to learn more about furniture, you can pay attention to the GO Home Information Channel.

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