Decoration budget quotes 4 big traps These are the decoration company's "oil water" means

When it comes to the various "funny" in the decoration, I believe that many owners have something to say, and most of the topics are questions such as the decoration company's offer. Many consumers will have such feelings when they consult the decoration budget quotation : The same is a set of new homes of about 100 square meters, some decoration companies say they can spend 35,500 yuan, and some decoration companies offer 78 yuan. Ten thousand yuan, while others claimed to be more than 100,000 yuan. Why is the decoration company's offer so different? Don't worry, today we will analyze the factors affecting the quotation and the four major pitfalls for you to estimate the budget for decoration .

Four pitfalls in detailed budget quotations

I. The price of the budget statement is lower

In the decoration quotation trap, the decoration company's common trick is that the quotation is lower and higher, even if the quotation is good, but in the actual decoration, the decoration cost is lower than the quotation.

1, detail the quotation form

In quotes, it is often seen in the budget that each construction project will be separated and information such as materials, units, quantities, and unit prices will be indicated. A detailed home improvement budget sheet reflects the construction materials, specifications, values, labor costs, and losses.

2, do not understand easily fall off the trap

“Three words that cannot be understood” can easily cause property owners to fall into the trap. Some owners only look at the materials, unit price and total cost, and do not care about other details, resulting in repeated charges and non-standard materials.

3, more affordable than the three

General owners to the decoration company to quote, do not sign the contract will not bring the budget table, then the industry is more concerned about, you can record each company's materials and cost details, to do more than three, in order to avoid being deceived.

II. Demerger increase budget duplicate charges

1, detail the quotation form

Different materials have different pricing requirements. Such as: plaster line, PPR pipe, the former material price includes installation fee, according to the actual size, not loss, the latter can basically do zero loss, so consumers should pay attention.

2, demolition charges more problems

Demolition charges are a common problem. It seems that the unit price is low, but in fact, labor fees, accessories and other fees are collected repeatedly. When laying floor tiles, ground accessories and labor costs will increase, which equals intangible price increases.

3, smart computing costs

Before the owner confirms the quotation, he must first understand relevant information and see how the money should be collected. The unit of measure and the costs involved must also be known.

III. Subcontract raising prices

The common method is subcontracting, and sometimes there are too many projects to complete. The decoration company will subcontract some projects to the construction team, and the construction quality is difficult to guarantee.

1, often see subcontracting

According to industry sources, the subcontracting situation is not uncommon. Many construction teams accept the subcontracting business and the decoration company earns intermediary fees from it.

2, low price is the banner

When choosing a decoration company, small companies use low prices to attract heads of households, so that heads of households can abandon large companies with high prices, and subcontract some projects during construction to make a difference or profit. Small companies will extract 30% to 35% of the “management fee” in the total amount before subcontracting, which is undoubtedly passed on to consumers.

3, focus on quality and after-sales

When consumers sign contracts, they do not know that the project was subcontracted. For these phenomena, consumers are difficult to know. Therefore, consumers must negotiate with the decoration company for decoration quality and after-sales service to reduce personal losses before signing the contract.

Four. To make a blunder

In the process of renovation, how can we avoid the trap? The head of the household must do their best to wring out the water in the quotation.

1, see the design drawings

When looking at the quotation, check with the drawings. It is required to mark the materials on the drawings. The owner will compare the drawings with the quotes to see if there is moisture in the quotes.

2, see the main material

The main material cost occupies the bulk of decoration expenditures. Whether it is self-purchased building materials or self-purchasing main materials, the head of household can visit the building materials market first to understand the specifications, styles, brands, and prices of building materials in order to check the quotation.

3, see the construction process

Before the renovation, the head of the household can have a general understanding of the interior decoration, such as: several layers of wall brush, ground processing procedures, hydropower reform, etc. Because the quality of the construction affects the life of the house, the head of household must follow-up the construction before the renovation.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of the relevant knowledge of the decoration budget quotes , for the first time the decoration of the owners, the decoration is very easy to be pitted, many unscrupulous decoration company will use various traps to defraud more profits, Therefore, we must polish our eyes and see the tricks of these decoration companies to avoid being pitted!

Decoration budget quote

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