Three rooms and two halls full package repair how much money three rooms and two halls should be how to decorate

The three-bedroom, two-room apartment usually has a relatively spacious interior area and is more beautifully decorated. Therefore, many people will first choose a house of this type when purchasing a house. How much money will the three-room and two- room package repair ? How should the three rooms and two rooms be renovated? Well, the following Xiaobian will take you all together to take a look.

How much money to repair three-room two-hall

1, simple decoration

Simple decorated floor can use ordinary floor tiles or low-grade composite floor, wall top surface with latex paint, kitchen with low grade, PVC gusset ceiling, doors and windows simple finish, bathroom with squatting and shower, kitchen with vegetables Basin, no design, grade can meet the basic requirements, the whole package repair about 6-8 million.

2, mid-range decoration

Mid-range decoration usually floor shop 150 yuan / m2 wooden floor or floor tiles, kitchen with aluminum buckle plate ceiling, the top of the wall with brand latex paint, kitchen and bathroom matching common, the entire decoration available brand materials, the need for professional design, function and beauty All on a grade. The whole package repair is about 10-15 million yuan.

3, high-end decoration

The high-end decoration floor adopts 200 yuan/m2 solid wood floor or floor tiles, and the main material uses brand-name products. It not only has complete functions and fine craftsmanship, but also stands out for the owner's taste and achieves the ideal effect of the owner. The whole package is repaired at more than 200,000 yuan.

How to decorate the three rooms and two rooms

1, determine the overall decoration style

Each person's aesthetics and preferences vary, and they must determine their own decoration style before determining the decoration. To maintain the overall style consistent, you can choose a simple style, you can also mix and match, but we must remember that the overall harmony, can not be the Chinese style living room, the restaurant is European, it will make people feel very surprised.

2, the lighting of the living room is better

When we are decorating the interior, we need to pay attention to the lighting of the living room and make the living room look bright and bright. If the lighting in the living room is not good, it will affect the mood and health of the residents. In the decoration of the living room, a large window can be installed to increase the degree of daylighting. At the same time, the color selection of the curtains should be consistent with the overall decoration.

3, determine the function of each room

There are many patterns in the three-bedroom and two-room houses, and reasonable distribution and layout should be carried out in the early stage so that the whole can be harmonious and harmonious, and the maximum utilization of space can be achieved. Rooms can be allocated based on the number of households and their needs. For a family of three and three bedrooms, you can choose a master bedroom, a second bedroom, and the other as a guest reception room. If the owner prefers reading and collecting, you can also use another room as a study or a collection room, and then Take a guest bedroom.

Editor's summary: The above is how the three- room, two-room, full-package repairs are completed and how the three- bedroom and two-room renovations should be introduced. I hope to help those who have this need! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website. Follow-up will show more exciting!

Three rooms and two halls decoration

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