How is the difference between Southwest Birch and Cherry?

Southwest birch is a common furniture production material. How about the southwestern birch furniture ? The following is to learn how the southwestern birch furniture and the southwestern birch and cherry differ.


The advantages of Southwest Birch furniture

1. Because the birch has good mechanical strength and elasticity, and the annual rings are more obvious, the furniture made of birch as a raw material has the advantages of lubrication, wear resistance and clear markings.

2, birch processing performance is good, the cut surface is particularly smooth, strong paint and gluing, so made of birch as a raw material made of birch furniture paint surface has the advantage of smooth and flat.

The disadvantages of Southwest Birch furniture

1. The birch fiber's shear resistance is relatively poor, and it is relatively easy to break off. Therefore, the furniture made of birch as raw material is not wearable. Of course, its tensile strength is not so good. Therefore, the friends are choosing birch. When it comes to furniture, you should understand this feature.

2, birch furniture, moisture absorption is particularly large, and when it is dry, there will be cracking warping situation. Given the disadvantages of birch furniture, if your friends want to buy birch furniture to decorate their home, your home environment should not be too boring.

In the furniture industry, the durable material is birch, which grows in the northern hemisphere and has a shiny surface and a smooth mechanism. It is white, with a slightly pink ivory or grayish-yellow wood heart. It is not very durable under the easily decaying environment. It has large mechanical strength, elasticity, and high hygroscopicity. When it is dry, it is easy to crack and warp, and it is not wearable. Use it more as a splint. Now used for the production of structures, parquets and internal frames.


American cherry is a precious wood similar to that of the southwestern birch. Under the trend of huge profits, many businesses use purebred wood as the authentic cherry wood of the United States. In order to allow customers to make clear choices, let us understand the difference between the two.

1. Subjects and materials are different:

The wood selected for cherry wood comes from American black cherry, belonging to the family Rosaceae. The south-western birch is generally derived from Mongolian birch, West Betula, and Betulaceae. The American black cherry is made of semi-porous material to ring material, while the southwest birch is made of loose material.

2, different colors, patterns:

American cherry heartwood color from brilliant red to brown red, darken after the sun. On the contrary, the white wood is milk white; the color of birch in the southwest is from light red to dark red, and the texture is straight and the gloss is poor. Cherry wood can be seen "V" pattern, darker color, and the southwestern birch "V" pattern very few. The U.S. cherry woodgrain course is covered with tiny holes that are visible to the naked eye. It also has fine and evenly ruled lines. The texture is smooth, with brown tree spots and tiny gum nests, while the southwestern birch wood is completely absent.

3, different origin:

The Cherry Blossoms used in the Americas are mostly from Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and New York in the eastern United States. The natural climate conditions have given birth to the finest quality cherry woods, which are of superior quality and precious. The southwest birch wood is produced in China's Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other regions.

The above is all about the contents of the southwestern birch furniture . To learn more about furniture, you can pay attention to the GO Home Information Channel.

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