There is a robot on the bus that can chat and warn

Technology dynamics can chat, check transfer, play self-timer, sense of smell can be sensitive to fire emergency alarm ... ... This is a robot on the bus in Guangzhou. Some people reported that it recently settled in Guangzhou's double-decker tourist bus. The reporter yesterday took a 230-seat double-decker tour bus and experienced it in the carriage.
When you board a double-decker tour bus, you can see a lovely robot standing in the middle of the train when you get on the bus. It has a round head and ceramic body, two arms will swing with words, a 12-inch touch screen color on the chest, can check the information exchange and travel information, when the passengers can also self-timer . The self-portrait picture can be saved on the mobile phone with the same name as the APP. It also has a beauty function.
The stay-in-car robot also comes with WiFi. Passengers can connect their mobile phone app via the WiFi hotspot function of the robot to perform face-to-face or remote control and guide their arms, heads and other movements to achieve their flexible limb movement and perfect coordination. Linkage.
When there are more passengers in the car and the voice is louder, the robot can also voice reminder stations to help the rear passengers.
The side of the robot body also has a USB charging port that can provide emergency charging for passengers. After registering and registering on the mobile phone APP, passengers can also see the users on the same bus in the public chat room, initiate chats, and in the future, they can also realize online shopping. This is also a way to relieve boredom during the ride.
When the bus driver said that the bus is not convenient for setting large security inspection equipment in addition to conventional security inspection equipment, this on-board robot can help: it has built-in infrared alarms and advanced sensors such as fire source, smell sensor, etc. The method silently monitors the safety of passengers in the car in real time. In the event of a fire, it can immediately send out an alert to alert drivers and passengers.

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