Indonesian furniture is eyeing the Chinese market and planning to expand the output of furniture to China

According to Jakarta, the head of the Indonesian Arts and Crafts Industry Association said recently that Indonesia will strive to expand its furniture exports to China, considering the weakening of the European and American markets and the increasing demand in the Chinese market. It reached 40 million US dollars and reached 100 million US dollars in 2013.

Indonesia's "Good News" reported on July 4 that Indonesian Handicrafts and Furniture Association President Anbar Chahajono said in Jakarta that Indonesian furniture companies are actively looking for new export substitution markets due to the economic crisis in Europe and the United States. China has become its first choice. Its marketing strategy is to take a point, that is, to set up a sales point in Guangzhou, and then expand to Shanghai, Chongqing and other provinces through Guangzhou. In order to expand the business, some Indonesian furniture companies will also set up offices in China and build warehouses to ensure the supply of goods.

According to statistics, in 2011 Indonesia's exports to major EU countries were about 417 million US dollars, and the export of Chinese furniture was only 15.31 million US dollars. During the January-February period, Indonesia’s furniture exports to China were $2,968,527.

With a population of about 1.3 billion, China is expected to replace the United States and Europe and become the Indonesian furniture export market. One of the measures taken by the association is to set up furniture stores in Indonesia in several parts of Southeast Asia. “We have to set up a store in China, from which we have expanded to all provinces in China. For example, we have established a store in Guangzhou, so we can send it to Shanghai and others,” said Amba Zyogno. Several provinces.

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