National building materials home prosperity index rose by 0.55 points in October

On November 15th, the national building materials home prosperity index (BHI) jointly released by the Department of Circulation Industry Development of the Ministry of Commerce and the China Building Materials Circulation Association showed that the data value increased slightly in October.
The manager confidence index, which is the BHI leading index, has fallen sharply. Industry experts predict that the market will decline next month, and October will become the highest value in the year.
A slight increase in BHI in October is reported to be 123.22 in October, up 0.55 points month-on-month and down 7.07 points year-on-year. The sales of household building materials above designated size in the country was 143.9 billion yuan in October, up 14.72% from the previous month and up 1.40% year-on-year. Cumulative sales from January to October were 1,034 billion yuan, down 0.50% year-on-year.
Mei Xuhang, director of operations management at the Real Estate Management Department, said that from the data of the actual home, there was no decline in October, but the increase was not obvious. Qin Zhanxue, executive vice president of China Building Materials Circulation Association, believes that in October, BHI has risen for the eighth consecutive month, creating a new high for the year, but the increase has been significantly weakened. The sales of home building materials above designated size in the country also reached the highest value in the year, in line with the expectations of the traditional sales season in October.
The next forecast of the decline data shows that the manager confidence index fell sharply in October, down 90.35 points from the previous month. As the leading index of BHI, the manager confidence index gives the next step of BHI. Qin Zhanxue believes that the decline is mainly due to the seasonal periodic forecast, and is also affected by the uncertainty of the recent real estate trend.
Some experts analyzed that the building materials home market is affected by the property market, and the future trend is also full of variables. At the same time, the rational demand for consumers and the trend of branding became more and more obvious. The expectations of building materials and home employees for the “high season promotion” were also relatively low, which also had a certain degree of influence on the direction of the data. Qin Zhanxue said that this is also the increasingly mature performance of the building materials home market. It is recommended that enterprises dig deeper, clarify their own characteristics and advantages, and deepen consumer demand.

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