The label on the cabinet is not necessarily the highest standard for the environmental protection ten ring mark.

Not long ago, Mr. Chen was preparing to change a new set of cabinets. In the past "11" holiday, he started a set of business activities. For health reasons, Mr. Chen also specially purchased a set of environmentally friendly cabinets known as “green”. But who knows, after using it for a week, he was "smoked" and got dizzy.
The environmental protection label of the cabinet is full of the ten-ring mark is the highest standard. When Mr. Chen said that when he first purchased it, the salesperson also emphasized that the cabinet was certified by the green environment to ensure that it was non-toxic and harmless, and pointed out the relevant label attached to the cabinet. . Seeing that the business is so convinced, and the "green" label is right, Mr. Chen finally decided to place an order.
The environmental protection label of the cabinet is “green” and has become an important issue for the public to consider when purchasing cabinets. Many businesses are aware of this and have launched green and environmental protection cards. But nowadays, all kinds of labels that advertise green certification are so diverse that people can see it and they can't help wondering if these labels are reliable and authoritative.
Even if the cabinets are labeled with eco-labels, or the merchants can provide green certificates, the labels are different in shape and style, and the certification body is dazzling. Visiting the store, you can find that most cabinet brands are labeled with “excellent environmentally friendly products” and “green” labels, but some labels are round, some are made into the shape of leaves, and others are square. According to the sales staff, these products are qualified by the relevant departments, and the certification materials are also presented, but the certification units are different.
The ten-ring mark is the highest standard expert. The current highest standard of environmental protection certification in China is the China Environmental Label (commonly known as the Ten-Ring Mark), which is a green certification authorized by the State Environmental Protection Administration and the only authority issued by the government in China. Environmentally friendly product logo.
To obtain this mark, enterprises must pass the highest specification product certification of the State Environmental Protection Administration Environmental Certification Center, which is composed of representatives from 11 ministries and commissions such as the State Environmental Protection Administration and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. The state expressly stipulates that only products that pass the "10-ring certification" can be called "green products." In addition, the more authoritative environmental certification of the domestic furniture industry is China's quality environmental product certification (CQC), and the products that have obtained CQC certification have environmental advantages such as low toxicity, less harm and resource conservation.
Xu Guanrong, secretary-general of the Shanghai Furniture Industry Association, said that at present, China's mandatory standards stipulate that the amount of formaldehyde released from furniture products should be ≤1.5 mg/L. Many enterprises are all referring to the “green products”. However, even the use of green building materials can not guarantee the elimination of formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Although the company has the certification standard for the plate, if the inspection is not strict in the production process, it cannot guarantee that it is environmentally friendly.
“The formaldehyde content of furniture exceeds the standard, which is mainly produced during the processing.” Xu Guanrong reminded consumers that “in addition to the formaldehyde content of plates, glues and paints, the formaldehyde content of furniture will exceed the standard. Therefore, when purchasing furniture, it is necessary to watch Test report on finished furniture."
Therefore, cabinet enterprises should pursue higher product quality and environmental protection standards. Only when the environmental protection is truly implemented and become the leader of the industry can it be truly recognized and respected by consumers.

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