Sample furniture may not be really environmental lawyers remind the sample to three bags

As people's awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, consumers have paid more attention to safety and environmental protection when purchasing furniture. In the furniture store, many consumers put the new furniture in the first place. As a result, the sample furniture placed in the store has become a new hot spot for consumers to buy.
Buying sample furniture is only for environmentally friendly. Ms. Zhou, who is buying furniture for new homes, believes that new furniture often has a “weird smell” that is not conducive to family health. The sample furniture is placed for a long time, and the harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene may be released more thoroughly. In addition, the space of the furniture city is much larger than that of the home, and the “flavor” may be faster. In addition, sample furniture is often cheaper than new furniture, and the delivery cycle is shorter, and many factors make sample furniture more and more popular. Red Star Macalline (view map) Home shopping mall A Hong Kong brand furniture shopping guide introduced, more and more consumers have recently purchased sample furniture, especially families with old people and children. In addition, consumers believe that the purchase of samples is just like buying an existing home. It is visible and tangible, and the quality of the furniture can be judged directly from the appearance and smell.
Customers have different opinions on environmental protection issues, and consumers are worried about purchasing sample furniture. The reporter learned in an interview with Friendship Road home IKEA (view map) in the store that many consumers are not willing to pay for a sample to go back, always feel like old. Other consumers believe that many sample furniture are discounted goods, merchants generally "do not change," and there is no guarantee after sale. There is no need to cause unnecessary trouble for greed and cheap. In addition, the length of time the sample is placed in the store is not known to consumers. Therefore, whether or not we can truly achieve "environmental protection" has become a question that has been questioned. An industry insider said that regular furniture manufacturers will not use the consumer's psychology and take the opportunity to sell the problem sample furniture. Relying on excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, we can finally win the trust of consumers.
Buying samples for environmental protection is not scientific. Cao Liyun, deputy secretary-general of the Municipal Environmental Decoration Association, believes that the idea of ​​buying sample furniture for environmental protection is not scientific. In an interview with reporters, Cao Liyun said that the harmful substances in the furniture are mainly the formaldehyde content contained in the plates, and the volatilization period is ten to fifteen years. It is impossible for the sample furniture to be volatilized in the store for one or two years. clean. The rate of formaldehyde volatilization varies with the temperature and humidity of the environment in which the furniture is located. Cao Liyun said that the most secure way to ensure the environmental protection of furniture is to buy furniture for environmentally friendly panels. In addition, after purchasing furniture, you should open the doors and windows in time to ventilate and place some items that can absorb formaldehyde.
The lawyer reminded the sample furniture to also "three bags"
Since sample furniture is a low-priced product, some merchants use this as an excuse, do not agree to return, and do not provide after-sales service. On the contract form of Mr. Zhang’s purchase of sample furniture, the reporter saw that the merchant set up additional terms for the sample, that is, the purchase of sample furniture does not implement “three guarantees”.
Industry insiders remind consumers that samples are different from new ones. When purchasing sample furniture, consumers should carefully check the key parts, color and appearance of the product, ask questions about whether the product can be returned and whether there is warranty, etc. It is best to record the commitments of both parties in writing so that they appear. Separate responsibility for after-sales problems. Liu Runjie, a lawyer of Jinchen Law Firm of the city, believes that sample furniture, like the new furniture, belongs to the “three guarantees” stipulated in the Consumer Protection Law. Consumers should refuse to sign contracts with merchants for additional terms on samples. Even if the relevant restrictions are signed, it is invalid if it violates the "three guarantees". Consumers have the right to know when purchasing sample furniture, and salespeople are obligated to inform consumers about the sample at the time of sale. If the salesperson does not inform, the consumer finds a problem after purchase, and can request a refund during the “three guarantees” period.

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