Buying a set of mahogany sofas for a thousand dollars is almost impossible. The mahogany market is too deep.

For a long time, mahogany furniture has been regarded as a luxury in furniture. In the past few years, a mahogany furniture has been formed throughout the country, and mahogany furniture has been highly sought after. However, recently, reporters visited a number of mahogany furniture markets and specialty stores, found that the mahogany furniture market is arrogant, business is deserted, many merchants launched preferential activities, the discount rate is as low as 20%, and even the merchants hit the "paving expiration, clearance processing "The slogan, eight to nine thousand yuan can buy a set of mahogany sofa. As a luxury in furniture, why are merchants so self-destructive, what is the mahogany furniture market?

Buying a mahogany sofa for a thousand dollars is almost impossible

China Redwood Committee released the "China Redwood Import Situation Analysis Report" in July this year: the average unit price of redwood logs in the first four months of this year increased by 4.5% compared with the unit price of imported redwood logs in the same period last year. Raw materials have risen and artificially increased. Why do some mahogany furniture still give such a large profit margin? Faced with the price of some mahogany furniture from several hundred thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, consumers have said that they do not understand, feel the mahogany furniture The water is too deep.

A mahogany furniture industry insider told reporters that it is absolutely impossible to buy a mahogany sofa for several thousand yuan. Due to the heat of mahogany furniture in the past few years, many businessmen rushed into the industry with speculative psychology. They did not understand mahogany furniture themselves. They only got the goods from the manufacturers and sold them at a high price. Such merchants are not even clear about what their own products are made of wood. Anyway, they all claim to be mahogany. Now, when the market is sluggish, they are greatly reduced in price and ready to pull out. The furniture operated by such businesses. Whether or not the mahogany furniture has to be a big question mark.

Pretending to be a redwood home with three ways of fraud

According to the reporter's understanding, there are mainly three ways of fraud in mahogany furniture: one is to fake the real, the wood with similar color and cheap price is pretending to be mahogany, for example, red iron wood is used as a red rosewood, and ordinary grass rosewood is dyed and pretending to be red sandalwood.

The second is that the local materials are mahogany. Some unscrupulous merchants will fill the furniture with trim or other materials.

The third is to fill up the prime price, using low-priced rosewood to pretend to be a high-priced mahogany, such as A. arborescens instead of Sian rosewood, African chicken wing wood instead of Burmese chicken wing wood, African rosewood instead of Vietnamese rosewood, etc., due to different origins, Prices will differ by a factor of 10 or even 100. These unscrupulous behaviors have caused the price of mahogany furniture to be very confusing, and ordinary consumers are completely unable to identify the value of the products.

Investment in high-end mahogany still has room for appreciation

Redwood is a key factor in its slow growth cycle and scarcity of resources. Especially the high-quality mahogany, after hundreds of years of unrestrained material, now the resources are scarce enough to compete with each other for auction, and the output is decreasing year by year, so the price of raw materials is getting higher and higher. And mahogany furniture carries a lot of Chinese history and culture traditions, a lot of efforts of craftsmen, high-end mahogany furniture has the value of practical, investment, viewing, collection and so on.

Mr. Wu, who has been engaged in the collection of mahogany furniture for many years, told reporters that since the late 1980s, he has been collecting mahogany furniture. For many years, the price of real mahogany furniture has never fallen, but the speed of the increase is different.

China Redwood Committee judged in the "Analysis Report on China's Redwood Import Situation" that the relationship between supply and demand of mahogany is basically stable, and the price of mahogany furniture will continue to be rampant, in a period of adjustment, but in line with other types of luxury consumer markets. Compared with the high-end products market of mahogany, it will first recover, and there will be signs of a rapid increase in market share, and there will be a certain increase in the price.

How to choose mahogany furniture

1, find out the scope of redwood

The country identified 33 species of redwood belonging to the genus Pteroma, Dalbergia, Diospyros, genus and genus, belonging to rosewood, rosewood, fragrant wood, black rosewood, red rosewood, ebony, Striped ebony and chicken wing wood eight. Other than that, the other cannot be called mahogany.

2, pay attention to the difference between mahogany furniture and full mahogany furniture

The main frame of mahogany furniture is mahogany, and the other parts can be other wood. All mahogany furniture requirements are all mahogany.

3, ask the merchant to specify the details of the wood

In the contract, the merchant is required to indicate which tree species the wood used belongs to, and the name of the tree species is indicated in Chinese and Latin.

4, choose a credible business

It is necessary to choose a merchant with a reputation and a production capacity. It is best to go to the production workshop for field visits, and high-end mahogany furniture is handmade.

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