Sino-U.S. team develops new charger to use human activities to charge mobile phones

Sino-U.S. team develops new chargers

Mobile phone functions are changing with each passing day, but the power consumption also increases accordingly, and people are increasingly concerned about how to charge easily. According to Hong Kong "Wen Wei Po" reported on January 25, a team of Chinese and American researchers is working on a miniature charger implanted in human organs. It will use the energy generated by the constant activities of the heart and other organs to charge the mobile phone and love long hours. People who call porridge no longer have to worry about the sudden shutdown caused by no electricity.

According to reports, implantable batteries have been used in cardiac pacemakers. The team researched the use of such devices to charge mobile phones, and built-in biocompatible plastic sealed "solid solution lead zirconate titanate (PZT) nanoribbons, plus energy conversion electronics. The rectifier of the signal, as well as a micro-charged battery, are implanted into organs such as heart, lungs and diaphragms to power the mobile phone and other mobile devices.

The research team has implanted the device on the cattle and tried to install two devices on the heart at the same time to double the power supply. The team expects that rechargeable batteries will be used first for implantable medical devices that require uninterrupted operation, including heart rate monitors, cardiac pacemakers, and cardioverter defibrillators.

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