Mini golf course design construction construction

The mini golf needs to be surveyed in advance. The design department does planning and design according to the surrounding environment and size of the site. The design concept needs to communicate with the customer to reach a consensus. The plain ground area construction is performed according to the topography and landform routine, and the roof mini golf site must strictly calculate the roof load. To ensure the quality of the stadium, we must also protect the safety of the building. The professional builders will use light modeling materials rationally. After the completion, the mini venues must achieve the golf putting practice function, and must have the visual effect of the landscape to beautify the surrounding environment and enhance the environmental taste. The shape must be ups and downs, the overall natural smooth and smooth. The arc should be full and round, and the fairways, greens, and bunkers must be tightly affixed to each other at the turf, and the course should be neat.

Greens grass should have a color difference with fairway grass, and the greens and the fairway should have a sense of ups and downs. It must be patchwork, not only to achieve the visual beauty, but also to satisfy the golf function.

Artificial grass fairway Grass should be embedded in grass and grass to achieve visual effects with real grass, and green grass, sand pit grass should have no visual connection marks.

PCD Cutting Inserts 

PCD cutting inserts are used to machining for cast iron, non-ferrous materials, high-temp alloys, hardend materials.  

PCD turning inserts are widely used to replace cemented Carbide Inserts in the processing industry, especillay for cutting Alumimium alloy, copper and Non-Ferros metal. Although the unit price is higher than the traditional cemented carbide inserts, but performas is much more better than other carbide inserts, as it can greatly improve the processing efficiency and service life, ensure the workpiece surface processing accuracy, especially for mirror finishing. At the same time, some of the PCD turing inserts can be repaired several times, the cost of the PCD turning inserts are even lower than that of the carbide inserts.

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pcd cutting inserts

pcd cutting insertspcd cutting insertspcd cutting insertspcd cutting insertspcd cutting insertspcd cutting inserts

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We are specialize in manufacturing PCD diamond tools and Carbide tools. 

Our major product include PCD Inserts , PCD Reamers , PCD End Mill , PCD Taps, Carbide Inserts, Carbide Drills, Carbide Reams, Taps etc.. Premium quality of raw material is used in the production and strict examination during processing with advanced equipment. 

Our best selling of cutting tools include PCD Inserts, PCD End Mill , PCD Ball Nose Mill, PCD Reamer , Carbide Taps , Carbide End Mill, Special Form Cutter and many more.

 PCD Inserts

If you encounter problems such as high-speed, high precision requirements, low tool life and so on in the processing, you may contact us to recommend appropriate design for you, we can provide customization per your drawing. Looking forward to make a long business relationship with you.

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PCD Turning Inserts

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