Metal molds increasingly highlight the importance of the fashion home building materials industry

Metal molds increasingly highlight the importance of the fashion home building materials industry The metal mold has a very important position in the home, but the domestic high-end home hardware market and the profitable brand market are mostly occupied by imported metal mold enterprises. The metal mold parts of major brand furniture and cabinets are basically imported by five imports.

According to mold experts, the quality and grade of furniture is mainly reflected in the selection of hardware accessories. Inconvenient use of furniture, to a large extent, is due to the improper selection or lack of hardware accessories. "As long as there are corresponding hardware mold accessories, very complex multifunctional furniture can be produced." Luo Baihui said that the value of hardware mold accessories in furniture accounted for 5%, but the operating comfort accounted for 85%, visible hardware accessories The importance of furniture.

Home hardware can be divided into general and special categories according to the settings. The former includes hinges, hinges, slides, etc. The latter includes bathroom hardware and kitchen accessories. Among them, hinges, slide rails, hinges and locks are used most frequently in life and are therefore more important. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of consumer demand, greater demands and higher requirements have been placed on hardware accessories. Home hardware is more emphasis on its mechanical properties, rust resistance, moisture resistance, fatigue properties of moving parts and other qualities.

In today's increasingly demanding personalization and integrity at home, home hardware must not only satisfy the above-mentioned functionality, but also have an eye-catching ornamentation and overall integrity with the overall home improvement style. Take the most common handle, the current market in addition to the stainless steel handle, there are black, bronze, light chromium, pearl nickel plus transparent paint, in the shape, there are European, Chinese, conventional, shaped, etc. And so on, to meet the diverse needs of consumers. As the function of furniture hardware in furniture is no longer just the connection of decorative parts and some moving parts, its functionality is becoming stronger and stronger, and the areas involved are also becoming wider and wider. It will increase production efficiency, reduce costs and improve products for furniture manufacturers. The quality of our products has played a positive role in enhancing the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets and increasing profits. With the development of industrial technology, furniture production has evolved from the previous manual workshops to the current mechanical mass production.

Hardware mold accessories have higher requirements for versatility, interchangeability, functionality, and decorativeness. Diversification of substrates, structural reforms and increased use of functions. With the development of China's hardware mold industry, it is believed that in the near future, mold parts used in furniture and cabinets will no longer be imported. Our own technology development will bring more surprises to the industry.

                   U Type Linear Motorss

Linear motor
Linear motor is an electric motor that has had its stator and rotor unrolled so that instead of producing a torque (rotation) it produces a linear force along its length
However, linear motors are not necessarily straight
Characteristically, linear motor's active section has ended, whereas more conventional motors are arranged as a continuous loop
Features of linear motors:
1. Light duty motors for lower force applications with same durable and rugged construction
2. Fan cooled and liquid cooling options for maximum performance
3. Custom designs for any application
4. Available as a component in a complete system solution that includes brushless linear motors, drives, motion controllers, cabling, filters and accessories
Benefits of the linear motor
Maximize positional accuracy while minimizing maintenance costs
Easy to install
Rugged and durable design with a single moving part ensures consistent and dependable operation
Long lasting operation for years of service with minimal downtime
Versatility achieved through the factory or on-site programming for initial commissioning and changing customer requirements
Precise control for any required position, velocity or force profile
Controllable and variable force at any point during operation (dependent upon drive selection)
Built-in thermal and fault detection enables system protection and increases effective service life
U-channel and flat brushless linear servomotors have proven ideal for robots, actuators, tables/stages, fiber optics/photonics alignment and positioning, assembly, machine tools, semiconductor equipment, electronic manufacturing, vision systems and in many other industrial automation applications 

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