What are the advantages of LED electronic display compared with traditional LED

LED electronic display is composed of LED dot matrix, using blue, red, green light beads off and on to fully display pictures, text, video, animation and other content. Moreover, the displayed content operator can adjust and replace as desired, and each component is a modular display device. Its unique structural design can realize the horizontal and vertical bending deformation installation of LED soft screens. No matter how demanding the installation is, the display can be competent; in general, the components are the control system, display module and power system. composition. Compared with the traditional LED, it has the following characteristics:

First, LED electronic display light weight: its weight is only 12 kg / square meter, a person can easily complete the handling and installation work for the user to save a lot of time and installation costs;

Second, maintenance is simple: in the use of the site can achieve rapid maintenance, because the application is a unique LED embedded bar structure, if you need to replace a single light bar only need to screw three nuts on the line;

Third, LED electronic display protection level: no matter how bad the weather will not affect the use of LED soft screen, before entering the market, have been tested by a third-party professional agencies, users can rest assured that use;

Fourth, the wind resistance is extremely low: The LED soft screen adopts pixel strip structure design, the finished product permeability rate can be as high as 60%, and it can still be used normally under wind force of 12 levels. Under windy weather, the user still does not need to worry about being blown by the wind. The problem;

Fifth, the high quality of the power supply: The power supply used is stable, reliable, and of high quality. This ensures that the product can be operated stably for a long period of time and a layer of protection is obtained.

Quartz Glass is made by melting a variety of pure natural quartz (such as crystal, quartz sand, etc.). The coefficient of linear expansion is extremely small, which is 1/10-1/20 of ordinary glass, and has good thermal shock resistance. It has high heat resistance, often used at temperatures between 1100 and 1200 degrees Celsius, and short-term temperatures of up to 1400 degrees Celsius. Quartz glass is mainly used in laboratory equipment and refining equipment for special high-purity products. Because of its high spectral transmission, it is not damaged by radiation (other glass will be dark after being irradiated by radiation), so it is also an ideal glass for spacecraft, wind tunnels and spectrophotometer optical systems.

Quartz Glass

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