Personalized custom home space from easy to difficult

In this era, perhaps personality is the core of the "influx". With the changes in people's attitudes towards life, the improvement of quality of life and the richness of life experiences, many consumers have different needs for their own living rooms, such as “unique”, “unique personality” and “unique”. These consumers are keen to “customize” and pursue their own unique home environment, highlighting their unique understanding of life. Some of them have refined their home customization through discussions with designers; some have turned to independent designers to satisfy their own fashion style or perfect structure; others have bought tools themselves and created the perfect private ones. product.


Tailored custom furniture

Influxes who demand quality of life will be dissatisfied with the standardized products offered on the market. For example, the size of the sofa does not match the living room space, the shape of the bed is very satisfactory, but the design of the bed is not like it.

Build: For the needs of ordinary personality, custom furniture brands can carry out a series of fine-tuning. Careful consumers only use the illustration of the length, width and height of the furniture, indicate the specific size, and describe it clearly with the sales staff. Some custom-made furniture will provide on-site measurement services, the amount of furniture that needs to be customized and written into the contract, and then the factory will be made and adjusted according to the needs and actual size of the consumer.

Reminder: For furniture products that require minor changes to standardized products, consumers should ask if the cost of the change will increase or decrease after making a request. Because different companies make changes to standardized products, there are different charging standards. Some manufacturers will increase the unit price of the product because they change more parts, while some companies will refund some of the cost of the product because of the size reduction of some products.

Unique personality

Creative wall

Some hipsters who are at the forefront of fashion are easy to accept new things. They are self-proclaimed. They don't allow the walls to be simple and boring, without personality. They prefer creative wallpapers and hand-painted paintings. They don't like monotonous and boring. .

Create: personalized wallpaper or wall painting has become the wall decoration method pursued by some hipsters in recent years. Inspired by the stylish T-stage elements, the surface is adorned with luxurious, pleated wallpapers that remind you of high fashion. The color graffiti and creation on the wall are also sought after by the hipsters. The hand-painted pattern is full of modernity with its unique, unique and individual characteristics, which brings surprise to the wall.

Reminder: You can also make your favorite characters or landscapes into wallpapers to decorate the wall. If the wall painting is dotted with the environment, frequent use will make the room space messy. The creation is done in a small area, and the area is too abrupt.

Exclusive soft fabric

For some younger consumers, the demand for living room will be more public. For these individualities, interior decoration will be more concerned about new ideas and highlights.

Build: Fabric customization is relatively difficult, but what can be achieved is to customize the pattern on a small area of ​​fabric, such as fabric. The customization of the carpet is now very simple. Consumers can provide a preliminary draft of several geometric patterns that they like, or ready-made artwork, which is helped by the designer to match the color that suits their home.

Reminder: The customization of soft-packed products is relatively simple, and consumers can discuss the effects of the pattern and the designer.



Many influxes like the distinctive themed home design, and they want to embody the theme of their admiration and preference in the home design.

Build: Unless you are a designer or a master of woodworking and bricklayers, no matter what kind of consumers, you need to communicate with your designers or builders. Some top furniture brands can also provide private services to high-end consumers. For example, on a high-end mattress, the buyer's name can be embroidered according to the needs of the consumer.

Reminder: After your own ideas are created, you can ask the designer to design and produce. Because after all, consumers have not conducted professional design training, in general, designers will recommend improvements on the original design items.

Put on your own label

Young people who are pursuing mavericks hope that home decoration can also be different, or humorous, or return to the truth, pay attention to the quality of life and the comfort of freedom, "unique" will be attractive to them, put their beloved home on A unique label or imprint of your own.

Create: the hand-woven blue cotton cloth with the taste of time, personally or find a designer to embroider the far-reaching pattern, bring a different kind of simple feelings to their coffee table.

Reminder: When customizing furniture, it is necessary for the manufacturer to measure at home. In the actual measurement process, the size can be adjusted. The waiting time may be longer. It is necessary to calculate the time in an emergency. Hand-made cheesecloths are rich in texture, but because hand-dyeing may fade in the first few washes, avoid putting them together with light-colored fabrics. Beijing News reporter

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