Wire and cable manufacturing process

The manufacture of wire and cable is totally different from that of most electromechanical products. Electromechanical products are usually used to assemble parts into parts and then assemble multiple parts into a single product. The product is measured in units or pieces. Wire and cable is based on the length of the basic unit of measurement. All electric wires and cables are started from conductor processing. The outer layers of conductors are insulated, shielded, cabled, sheathed, etc. to form wire and cable products. The more complex the product structure, the more layers are stacked.

First, the technical characteristics of wire and cable products manufacturing:

1. Large-length continuous superposition combined production methods Large-length continuous superposition combined production methods, the impact on the production of wire and cable is global and control, which involves and affects:

(1) Production process and equipment layout The various equipments in the production workshop must be properly discharged according to the process flow required by the product, so that the semi-finished products in each stage are transferred in turn. The equipment configuration must consider the production efficiency to be different and balance the production capacity. Some equipment may have to configure two or more units in order to balance the production capacity of the production line. Therefore, the rational selection and combination of equipment and the layout of production sites must be balanced based on the product and production volume.

(2) Production organization management The production organization management must be scientific, reasonable, accurate, and rigorous. The operator must strictly follow the process requirements. Any problems in any link will affect the smoothness of the process and affect the quality and delivery of the product. Especially for multi-core cables, if the length of one pair or basic unit is short, or the quality is problematic, the entire length of the cable will be insufficient, resulting in scrap. Conversely, if a unit is too long, it must be sawn for waste.

(3) Large-scale continuous superposition of quality management The combination of production methods, so that any part of the production process, a point of a moment, will affect the quality of the entire cable. The more the quality defect occurs in the inner layer, and the failure to discover the termination of production in time, the greater the damage caused. Because the production of wires and cables is different from that of assembled products, they can be dismantled and replaced, and the quality of any component or process of the wire and cable is almost irretrievable and remediable. Afterwards, the treatment is very negative. It is not a matter of shortening or downgrading, or scrapping the entire cable. It cannot be opened and reinstalled.

The quality management of wire and cable must go through the entire production process. The quality management and inspection department must carry out a thorough inspection of the entire production process, operator self-inspection, and mutual inspection of the upper and lower processes. This is an important guarantee and means for ensuring product quality and improving the economic efficiency of enterprises.

2. There are many types of technology in the production process, including the wide range of processes involved in the manufacture of material flow wires and cables, from smelting and pressure processing of non-ferrous metals to chemical technologies such as plastics, rubbers, and paints, textile technologies such as wrapping and weaving of fiber materials, and metals. The wrapping of the material and the longitudinal wrapping of the metal strip, the welding metal forming process and the like.

The various materials used in wire and cable manufacturing are not only of different types, specifications, and specifications, but also large quantities. Therefore, the amount of various materials, reserves, batch cycle and batch must be approved. At the same time, the dismantling, recycling, recycling, and waste disposal of waste products are an important part of management, and do a good job in managing material quotas and paying attention to conservation.

In the production of wires and cables, from the entry and exit of raw materials and various auxiliary materials, storage, and the flow of semi-finished products from each process to the storage and delivery of products, the material flow rate is large, and it must be rationally laid out and dynamically managed.

3. Special equipment Multi-wire and cable manufacturing Use special production equipment with the process characteristics of the industry to meet the requirements of the structure and performance of cable products, meet the requirements of large-length continuous and as high-speed production as possible, thus forming a special equipment series for cable manufacturing. . Such as extrusion machine series, cable machine series, stranding machine series, around the charter series.

The manufacturing process of wire and cable is closely related to the development of special equipment and promote each other. The new process requirements promote the generation and development of new special equipment; in turn, the development of new special equipment has boosted the promotion and application of new processes. Such as drawing, annealing, extrusion series line; physical foam production line and other special equipment, promote the development of wire and cable manufacturing process and improve, improve the cable's product quality and production efficiency.

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