The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood multi-layer flooring

Solid wood multi-layer Flooring is a new kind of floor between solid wood floor and composite floor. The price is higher than general composite floor and lower than solid wood floor. It is based on a variety of wood compression as a substrate, with high quality precious wood for the board. After being coated with resin, it is made by high temperature and high pressure in a hot press machine. It is not easy to deform and crack, the shrinkage expansion system is extremely small, it has a good ability to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, and the surface layer can show the natural wood grain of wood. Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood laminate flooring ? How to maintain the solid wood floor ? Learn with me!

Solid wood multi-layer floor maintenance method

Solid wood multi-layer floor maintenance method

The first step in the maintenance of solid wood laminate flooring is to take good care of people, love cleanliness, and neatness is the need for longevity of solid wood laminate flooring. Always let the solid wood laminate flooring dry and clean. Do not use very moist mops, mix soapy water, detergent powder to wipe the floor, so as not to damage the texture of the floor surface. If the air in the home is relatively dry, moisten the mop a bit to improve the drying of the floor.

Solid wood multilayer floor maintenance method II

In the summer, you should avoid frequent exposure to strong sunlight. If the floor is often exposed to the sun, it will be attacked by ultraviolet rays to prevent cracking of the floor. If there is any stain on the floor, it should be cleaned up at that time. When cleaning, some soapy water can be used; if there is other pollution, clean up should be done when the traces of contamination have not penetrated under the floor. These are solid wood The most basic method of floor maintenance.

Solid wood multi-layer floor maintenance method three

Do not touch excessive water, whether it is hot or cold water, during maintenance or when cleaning. If there is water on the floor carelessly, it should be cleaned in time. If you find it troublesome to use a general cleaning method, you can use a vacuum cleaner to sweep the dust on the floor surface, and then wipe the floor surface with a moist tissue. After cleaning up, open the window properly to allow the floor to enjoy the air and clean the floor as quickly as possible.

Solid wood multi-layer floor maintenance method four

In fact, the floor is sometimes very “stingy.” If you accidentally be stabbed by a sharp-edged item, it will leave some scratches on the floor, which is very unattractive. Men who smoke do not want to throw cigarette butts on the floor. The floor cannot put high temperature things. Otherwise, the degree of wear and other functions of the floor will decline, which will reduce the use rate. Therefore, Xiao Bian still said that, to love, but also careful care, the floor can give more feedback to your home.

Solid wood multilayer flooring maintenance method five

Compared to solid Wood Flooring, maintenance of solid wood laminated floors will be much simpler. Waxing maintenance is for the smoothness of the floor, cleaning the floor accidentally leaving trails or other traces of pollution, waxing is one of the methods of maintenance of solid wood multilayer flooring. In fact, without long-term waxing, according to the use of the floor, regular waxing three months or two months, usually more careful, love more, there will be no big problems, but also can extend the solid wood Floor life.


The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood multi-layer flooring inventory

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solid Wood Multilayer Flooring - Advantage

For the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood multi-layer flooring, we first understand the production process of multi-layer solid wood flooring, right? The first step: the selection of good timber wood can produce a good floor, the quality of the impact of the quality of the floor is essential. The quality control of a good brand begins with the selection of raw materials, and good wood is the basis for the production of high-quality flooring. The second step is the process of peeling and drying the logs. This process is used to manufacture solid wood core boards for solid wood multilayer flooring. The quality of the solid wood core board is inseparable with the quality of the finished floor.

The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood multi-layer flooring

The third step: solid wood core board sorting to ensure the quality of each piece of flooring, regular manufacturers usually only choose thin thickness uniform, moderate thickness, selected by full-time sorters on the floor substrate; the fourth step: core board glue row board Professional gluing equipment to operate, can guarantee the amount of rubber evenly, improve the efficiency of gluing. The 8-10 layers of glued thin solid wood core boards are arranged in a criss-cross pattern and arranged in layers, and they are bonded together to change the original stretching direction of the wood fibers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solid Wood Multilayer Flooring - Advantage

The advantages and disadvantages of multi-layer solid wood flooring are a concern in our daily life. First of all, what are the advantages of multi-layer solid wood flooring? Multi-layer solid wood floor retains all the advantages of natural solid wood flooring, both the texture and elasticity of the natural texture of solid wood flooring, but also overcome the common problems of natural solid wood floor easy to expand and contract, with the characteristics of strengthening the floor anti-deformation, corrosion resistance and easy to clean , Multi-layer solid wood flooring is the new trend of floor purchase.

The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood multi-layer flooring

Due to the multi-layer glue compounding, the solid wood multi-layer floor has good waterproof performance and can be used on more wet floors and areas. Solid wood multilayer flooring has been treated with insect repellent, and the use of environmentally friendly glue can effectively prevent insect damage and non-toxic to the human body; solid wood multi-layer floor foot comfort and natural solid wood flooring is no different, and the same paving method is basically the same Due to its obvious advantages, its market usage has gradually increased. The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood multi-layer flooring are not clear in a word. Please check the advantages of solid wood multi-layer flooring.

The advantages and disadvantages of solid wood multi-layer flooring - summary

The surface of the solid wood multilayer floor is painted with paint several times, allowing the paint to penetrate into the voids of the wood tissue, and is irradiated with infrared radiation, electron rays and heat radiation to form an integral body within the wood tissue, so that the wood is hardened. Therefore, the solid wood multi-layer floor is not easy to be contaminated, is not easy to be scratched, has a strong wear resistance, and can maintain the beauty of the new material and the texture of the solid wood for a long time. The above has made a detailed explanation of the advantages of solid wood multi-layer flooring. The above is the introduction of the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood multi-layer flooring. I hope to help you.


Solid wood multilayer flooring prices

Floors with better quality generally come from household floor and nature floor, and of course, there are other well-known floor brands, but similar to high-end floor brands such as living homes, high-quality multi-layer solid wood composites generally have prices of around 500 . Do not rule out the addition of brand flooring, the general price of solid wood laminate flooring is also 100-200 per square meter.

Editor's summary: Solid wood multi-layer flooring is a kind of floor with a certain origin story. It was first introduced by some European developed countries. It entered the Chinese floor market in 1995 and it has now developed in China. Mature, it has become a type of floor that has very effect of the times, so solid wood multi-layer floor is a kind of good floor, and its cost performance is high.

Floor floor floor maintenance

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