Manganese slag recycling use world problems solved

Manganese slag is the largest and most dangerous source of pollution in the electrolytic manganese industry. The recycling of electrolytic metal manganese residues is a worldwide problem. Recently, through the joint research of the China Academy of Environmental Sciences, Tianjin Cement Industry Design and Research Institute, Sichuan University, Hefei Cement Design and Research Institute and other units, in Ningxia Yuanyuan Manganese Group, the electrolytic manganese waste residue is used for the production of cement after being harmlessly treated. The utilization rate of solid waste reached 51.69%.

According to statistics, China's electrolytic manganese industry increases the annual manganese residue by about 10 million tons. The dumping of slag storage dams takes up a large amount of land, and there are also hidden dangers and environmental risks. Ningxia yuan manganese industry is the world's largest electrolytic manganese metal production enterprises, is also a national key industry clean production demonstration enterprises. Since 2009, under the support of the Ministry of Finance and Environmental Protection of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, a total of more than 200 million yuan has been invested and 12 academicians and 23 professors and experts have been recruited to carry out scientific research and tackle the harmless treatment of waste slag and recycling of ammonia nitrogen. A major breakthrough was made.

Ningxia Zhongmao Industry Co., Ltd. Deputy Secretary Zhong Hua said that the company adopts the technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, builds a project to treat 2 million tons of electrolytic manganese waste residue in a harmless manner, recycles ammonia and nitrogen, cures heavy metals such as manganese in manganese residues, and recycles ammonia nitrogen. , to make manganese slag from general industrial solid waste II into I, lay the foundation for the comprehensive utilization of resources; invest 1.507 billion yuan to build two Nissan 4,500 tons of cement clinker production line and supporting pure low temperature waste heat power generation project, has been put into production recently, The consumption of various types of solid waste in the park is about 5 million tons.

The national building materials industry cement energy efficiency environmental assessment test center test, using manganese slag production of cement, radioactive, heavy metal leaching and other indicators are in line with relevant standards. Tan Liqun, director of the Technical Center of the National Manganese Industry Technical Committee, said that the technology also has implications for the comprehensive utilization of industrial waste generated from electrolytic production of copper, sodium, and potassium. (Reporter Li Wei)

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