Flat top collapse solution

Why does the flat top of the paint collapse?

The decorated room, due to the collapse of the flat top of the painting, the internal decoration is broken, and even the case of casualties has occurred before. The main reasons are:

(1) The bottom of the floor of the house is not flat, the leveling layer of the paint is too thick, or the bottom of the board is cleaned with impurities.

(2) The formwork of the cast-in-place concrete slab is installed sloppy, uneven, or used as the release agent for waste engine oil. The stencil or fiberboard is used to make up the template seam, which is not cleaned before painting.

In the above two cases, the adhesion between the stucco layer and the floor slab is poor, and the hollow drum or even the crack is generated. The decoration is not removed during the decoration, and the leveling paint is directly embedded, and the vibration of the machine such as the impact drill in the decoration construction is promoted. The flat top collapsed after a certain period of time.

Therefore, when decorating the flat top, the original brush layer to be retained must be inspected one by one, and the empty, cracked stucco layer is removed and redone. When using a highly vibrating machine, special care should be taken not to vibrate the floor before the repair layer is firmly bonded. At present, the relevant departments are considering the elimination of prefabricated slabs in residential houses, the use of cast-in-place concrete slabs, and the requirement that the bottom of the slabs be flattened to eliminate flat-topping and the use of batch-embedded leveling, which is an effective measure to avoid flat-topping paint collapse.

When the home decoration is painted flat, it is necessary to check whether the paint layer is firmly bonded, not hollow, and not cracked. It can be inspected by observation and tapping.

Why does the hanging flat top collapse?

The accident caused by the collapse of the suspended flat roof caused some casualties. The main causes of the collapse of the ceiling can be summarized as:

(1) "Crossing the sky". There are many ways to fix the boom and the floor. Among them, the raft is used to hit the slab (concrete slab), and the raft is nailed into the sky with iron nails or screws; some use the steam nail to fix the wooden material to the sky. Fix the boom; or use the nail to penetrate the concrete floor to fix the upper hanging point of the boom; or fix the main keel or wooden boom with the nails of the sky nail. This is all about the category of the sky.

(2) "Support flat". The flat top does not need to be suspended by a boom. Instead, the keel of the flat top is directly fixed to the side wall or the side of the beam with a needle to fix the flat top.

(3) The boom is overloaded. The boom with the flat top is sparse or too thin, and the flat top weight exceeds the force that the boom can withstand.

(4) The wooden boom is split or the steam needle is too short and too little.

In the above four cases, when the living room is just finished, the hanging flat top will not collapse immediately, but after a period of time, due to the friction of the nails nailed into the floor, the flat top weight is supported; Fixed around, there is no boom in the middle of the keel, the keel is bent downwards; the boom is rare; the wooden boom is split or the nail is not enough length, too thin, etc.; when the time is long or the flat top is shaken, it will cause the flat top to collapse. ACCIDENT.  

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