Henan Manshin smart lock is not good?

As the first level in the field of smart homes - door locks, security is always ranked first. There are indeed many reasons to question the performance of products. Therefore, it is more time to be eye-catching at this time and choose a more stable and long-term manufacturer. Well, Manshin smart lock is not good, today we will introduce some smart locks for everyone.


Product advantages:

1: Manshin focused on researching safer and more considerate functions, completely eliminating all security risks.

2: The product adopts a bar-shaped design, the appearance of the pursuit of perfection in the details of the processing, the shell without screws, metal feel solid, no lack of quality.

3: Manshin body is made of 304 stainless steel, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, does not fade, the longer the use of the longer the light. The touch screen uses explosion-proof tempered glass. The translucency and brightness of the tempered glass are better than those of the acrylic; the acrylic is low in hardness, easy to scratch, and the explosion-proof tempered glass is superior in strength and wear resistance.


4: In the area of ​​fingerprint recognition, Manshen uses semiconductor biometrics and uses a circular fingerprint head that is the same as the iphone. The fingerprint head is recessed to facilitate the high degree of fingerprint fit and is more ergonomic. This is also what the author sees. The first domestic product that applies a circular fingerprint to a fingerprint lock.

5: Manshin is equipped with an electronic anti-theft alarm cylinder. Anything with a foreign object inserted will immediately remind you of an alarming and unscrupulous person. At the same time, a remote alarm through the Ali Smart APP mobile phone will give the user the opportunity to take measures as soon as possible.

The above is the advantage that we introduced for everyone about the Manshin smart lock, I hope to be able to help you choose to buy a smart lock, want to know more about the smart lock information, you can leave a message to us!

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