Chaowei Group builds an upgraded version of lead battery production and recycling industry

On April 21, the Ministry of Environmental Protection formally approved the approval of Chaowei Group to start the construction of the National Environmental Protection Lead-acid Battery Production and Recycling Pollution Prevention Engineering Technology Center, which marked the development of Chaowei Group in promoting the development of the lead battery industry ecological cycle. The key steps have also effectively filled the gap in domestic lead battery pollution prevention and environmental management.
The lead storage battery production process has complex pollution problems, difficult environmental management, and high technical content. The existing pollution prevention and control technology is still immature and cannot meet the requirements of harmless disposal. However, there is still no perfect engineering technology platform in China to promote the pollution prevention technology and environmental management capability of the industry. Therefore, it is urgent to build a national environmental protection battery production and recycling pollution prevention and control engineering technology center. As a leading enterprise in the lead storage battery industry in China, Chaowei Group has been actively exploring the promotion of lead battery production and regeneration in the early days of its establishment. Through more than ten years of innovation and practice, it has taken the lead in the whole industry to develop a green development path. Developed a cadmium-free internal chemical conversion process, applied in the whole group, the process coverage rate reached 100%, and promoted in the whole industry, leading the lead battery production to the era of cadmium-free; the first "Atomic Economy Law" lead recycling project, through chemistry The method converts the waste lead-acid battery into lead powder which can be directly utilized, so that the lead recycling rate reaches 99%, and reduces the emission of soot, waste water and exhaust gas, which sets a benchmark for the lead battery production and recycling industry.
It is understood that the Engineering Technology Center will firmly rely on the advantages of Chaowei technology, closely combine the development status and characteristics of China's lead storage battery and recycled lead industry, and highlight five major functions: policy standard research, technology research and development, engineering and achievement transformation, international exchange and personnel training. To carry out research and system integration of lead battery production and recycling pollution prevention technology, solve key and common technical problems in battery production and recycling pollution prevention, and promote the application of core technology in pollution control field for national environmental management and lead battery industry Provide technical support for healthy sustainable development.

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