Polishing method

Stainless steel "target=_blank>stainless steel pill, etc.) is thrown to the surface of the workpiece to make the surface of the workpiece reach a certain degree of roughness, so that the workpiece becomes beautiful, or the welding tensile stress of the workpiece is changed to compressive stress, and the service life of the workpiece is improved. Almost used in most areas of machinery, repairing ships\auto parts\aircraft parts\guns tank surface\bridge\steel structure\glass\steel\pipes\etc. Sandblasting (pill) is powered by compressed air The sand with a diameter of 40-120 mesh or a pellet of about 0.1-2.0 is sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece to achieve the same effect on the workpiece. The size of the pellet is different, and the treatment effect is different. The key point is that the shot can also be used. To strengthen the role. Now the domestic equipment has entered a misunderstanding, that only the shot blasting can achieve the purpose of strengthening. The US\Japan enterprises are used to strengthen the shots and use them! Each has its own advantages. Such a workpiece, the angle of the shot peening can not be changed, only the frequency can be used to change the initial speed. However, it handles a large amount, the speed is fast, and the shot peening is just the opposite, the shot blasting effect is not The effect of shot peening is good.

Sand blasting is a method of using compressed air to blow out Quartz Sand at high speed to clean the surface of the part. The factory is also called sand blowing, not only to rust, but also to remove oil, which is very useful for painting. Commonly used for surface derusting of parts; surface modification of parts (small wet sand blasting machine sold in the market is this use, sand is usually corundum, medium is water); in steel structure, the application of high-strength bolts is a relatively advanced The method is because the high-strength joint uses the friction between the joint surfaces to transmit the force, so the quality of the joint surface is very high, and the joint surface must be treated by sand blasting.

Sandblasting is used for complex shapes, easy to remove by hand, low efficiency, poor on-site environment, and uneven rust removal.

The general sand blasting machine has various types of sand blasting guns. As long as it is not a particularly small box, the gun can be put in and cleaned.

The supporting product of the pressure vessel—the head is sandblasted to remove the scale on the surface of the workpiece. The diameter of the quartz sand is 1.5mm~3.5mm.

One kind of processing is to use water as a carrier to drive the diamond to machine parts, which is a kind of sand blasting.

Both shot blasting and sandblasting can clean and decontaminate the workpiece. The purpose is to prepare for the next step, that is, to ensure the roughness requirements of the next process, and also for the consistency of the surface, the shot peening has on the workpiece. For reinforcement, sand blasting is not obvious. Generally, shot peening is a small steel ball, and sand blasting is quartz sand. According to different requirements, the number of sub-items.

Precision casting is used almost every day with sand blasting and shot blasting.
Supplement 1. Shot blasting and sand blasting are surface treatments, but it is not that only castings are shot.

2. The main functions of sand blasting are surface descaling, descaling, etc., such as heat-treated parts, and the effect and function of shot blasting are more: not only rust removal, but also surface roughness, surface roughness, removal of parts Machining burrs, eliminating internal stress in parts, reducing deformation of parts after heat treatment, improving wear resistance and pressure capacity of parts.

3. There are many processes for shot peening, such as castings, forgings, parts of parts after machining, and parts after heat treatment of parts.

4. Sandblasting is mainly manual operation, while shot blasting is automated and semi-automatic.

5. Steel shots and iron shots used in shot blasting are not really pills in the true sense. It is precisely a small steel wire or a small steel stick. It only looks like a meatball after a period of use. The so-called sandblasted sand To put it bluntly, it is just river sand. It is no different from the construction. It is only sieved with sandblasting, with less mud and particle size specifications. Of course, some industries are also different. For example, the shipbuilding industry uses real steel shots for shot blasting and metal ore (not river sand-quartz sand) for sandblasting. Pills are generally spherical and have no angular particles. Such as wire cutting pills, etc.; sand refers to angular sand, such as brown corundum, white corundum, river sand and so on.

6. Spray and throw

The spray is sprayed with compressed air as the power to spray the sand or pellet onto the surface of the material to achieve a clear and a certain roughness.

The throwing is a method of centrifugal force generated when the pellet is rotated at a high speed, impacting the surface of the material to achieve removal and a certain roughness.
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Silicon Carbide (SiC) is used quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal), wood chips as raw material through high temperature resistance furnace smelting made.Silicon carbide is also called moissanite. Silicon carbide is most widely used in the modern C, N, B, and other non oxide high technical refractory raw materials.Silicon carbide hardness is very high, Black silicon carbide containing SiC about 95%, its toughness is higher than green silicon carbide, most of the material used for processing low tensile strength of materials, such as glass, ceramics, stone, refractory, cast iron and non-ferrous metals, etc.

Silicon Carbide

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