What should I pay attention to when using the automatic puncher?

The so-called automatic punching machine refers to the automatic equipment that drives the hole in the metal material by the motor. The automatic punching machine is developed to adapt to the trend of manufacturing automation equipment to replace the manual hand. It is used to solve the traditional drilling and drilling. The problem of punching holes in the processing steps such as reaming and milling holes greatly improves the production efficiency, but the punching machine also has precautions in the operation process. Only in this way can the production be safely and orderly.

Precautions for using the punch correctly:

1. The compressed air required by the punching machine should be supplied continuously for 24 hours, and the positional deviation of 0 degree is placed to affect the punching precision of the punching machine.

2. When the punching machine starts running, no one should enter the working area of ​​the machine at will, so as to avoid danger.

3. When using the sliding bracket each time, be sure to check whether there are people or objects on the following slides that hinder the normal running direction of the machine.

4. Before each tapping machine starts, make sure the vacuum cleaner is turned on and the excuses for the connection are correct.

5. After each hole is punched, check whether the following blades are still sharp, whether the wear is serious, whether there is looseness or not, and the drill bit is prevented from being damaged.

6. Open the protection on both sides of the puncher by holding down the black button for more than three seconds and waiting for the white light to stop flashing before opening the door (note that the puncher cannot be opened when it is running automatically).

7. When using the puncher in the summer, the door of the circuit control cabinet should be opened to prevent the temperature inside from being too high and hinder the normal operation of the machine.

8. When lifting the blade, pay attention to the operation. Do not let the blade hit the punching machine and the sliding bracket. When lifting the blade, check whether the blade arc is consistent with the sliding frame arc.

9. With the horizontal initial position of 0 degrees as the reference, the rotation angle of the turntable cannot exceed -20 degrees - 380 degrees, otherwise the cable will be broken.

10. For the sake of safety, the case on the operation panel of the puncher, except for the necessary operation, can not be pressed.

11. If an accident occurs, you must immediately press the red emergency stop button.

12. For safety reasons, it is best not to use a puncher during thunderstorms.

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Label: What should I pay attention to when using an automatic puncher?

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