State Grid has increased the application of anti-icing coatings for transmission lines

The phenomenon of ice coating on ice and sublimation and ice-feeding causes the ice-covered phenomenon of electric lines, which brings great inconvenience to people's life and work, and also causes huge losses for regional economic development. Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Dongtieying, Fengtai District, has caused ice icing and sublimation and ice coating to cause ice icing. It has caused great inconvenience to people's lives and work, and has also caused huge economic development for the region. loss. Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Dongtieying, Fengtai District, Gougong, 010-57182232. Using the world's latest coating synthesis IPN technology, the organic polymer is modified with silicon-containing inorganic polymer to obtain a multi-embedded arrangement. Segment copolymer, research and development of ZS-611 anti-icing coating, the coating has a smooth elevation angle, good elasticity, reduced friction, high adhesion, and good adhesion to ice coating. At the same time, the surface of the coating exhibits a low surface energy. Adding special surface active materials and nano rare earth oxides, through the interaction and synergistic effects of the various components, the coating has low surface energy, high corrosion resistance, large binding force with the substrate, and reduced resistance to wax formation. To reach the world's advanced level, ZS-611 anti-ice coatings have been well received by power experts for the effect of the national grid on transmission lines, and are widely used.

In the long-term field research of Zhisheng Weihua anti-ice coatings, it was found that the surface icing phenomenon of the transmission line was affected by the important factor of temperature, the surface characteristics of the icing surface, especially the surface energy and the adhesion of the surface to ice. And the hydrophobicity of the surface has a greater impact on the icing phenomenon. Under the action of adsorption force, ice crystals can adhere to the surface of icing and deposit continuously. The size of this adsorption force depends on the surface wettability between the ice crystal and the icing surface. If it is a hydrophobic surface with low surface energy, It can be a non-wetting state between the ice crystal and the surface, which can greatly reduce the adsorption force on the ice crystal, thereby effectively preventing icing. The results of Zhisheng ZS-611 anti-ice coating test also prove that in order to reduce the adhesion of surface to water and prevent icing, the contact angle of surface to water is more than 90°, and the surface energy must be lower than 25x10-3N/m.
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