Bathroom shower size analysis

The size of the bathroom shower room is the knowledge that every owner who wants to install a bathroom shower room needs to know, because the size of the bathroom shower room is reasonable, which is related to our future use and appearance. Today, with a small series to see the bathroom shower size analysis, for your reference oh.

Bathroom shower size analysis

1, the size of the shower room is based on the size of the bathroom, choose the appropriate shower room products. The large space can be considered from the perspective of comfortable and loose showers, with multiple options, while the small space has to make full use of the area, to choose some push-pull designs and interior design that do not occupy the place as well, combined with the boutique rack, go To make full use of space, you should also consider the combination of the overall effect of the shower and the bathroom when choosing the style. The selected shape (such as corner or arc) should be as harmonious as possible with the shape of the wash basin and toilet, and the reasonable layout should create a relaxed environment. Please refer to Design suggestions for store salespersons!

2, for the shower room height custom shower size, ceiling height is usually 2.4M, so the height of the shower room is generally 1900, you can also adjust according to the height of the family's height, but also need to pay attention and the location of the shower, Too low and easy to splash water, too high obstacles, affect the appearance, it affects the permeability.

3. The requirement for the width of the shower room is based on the assurance that the use of the body is free to rotate and does not always hit the glass. General shower room size is 90cm*90cm. If your family is relatively fat or tall, it is recommended that you can do 100cm x 100cm; if the bathroom space is limited, 85cm x 85cm can be made, but it is better not less than 80cm.

4, shower room high light easy to clean, giving people a refreshing bathing enjoyment. Therefore, their requirements are also relatively high, so when consumers buy a shower room, they should learn more about the design of the shower room and the size of the shower room.

Information about the size of the bathroom shower room was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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