Soundproof windows and doors installation precautions

The sound insulation performance of soundproof windows and doors is not only dependent on the sound insulation of the soundproof glass, but also has a great relationship with the sealing performance. If the seal is not leaking well, then the soundproof windows and doors made of soundproof glass are not particularly good. Therefore, the sealing strip must be installed during installation. In addition, some related measurements should be made before installation. There are two main points:

Measurement of soundproof windows and doors before installation

1. Measure the size of the window. Because we are tailor-made soundproof windows, we need to measure the actual size of the window so that the installation can achieve the best fit to ensure the sealing effect of the window.

2. Measure the noise decibel, measure the actual noise size and type, only measure the noise level and analyze the noise type, in order to solve the problem, choose the most suitable and most affordable soundproof window for your own, and, preferably, at the most noisy time Measurement, this time period measurement is the best time.

Installation of soundproof windows and doors

1. Fix the soundproof windows on both sides first.

2, then fixed up and down.

3, the use of specific or high-quality nails, glue and good screws, so that the installation is the most reliable and reliable, and pay special attention to the sealing problem, this must be done.

4. Because the wall holes will be irregular, the doors and windows will have larger seams during installation, so be sure to put styrofoam on the installation. The styrofoam has better sound insulation.

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Label: Soundproof windows and doors installation precautions

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