The participants of the Superhard Materials Technology Development Forum visited the black cyclone saw industry

On October 25th, Zhang Yuncai, the general manager of the Black Wind Saw Industry Co., Ltd., invited a group of nearly 100 people from the Superhard Materials Technology Development Forum to visit the Black Wind Saw Industry Co., Ltd. located in Yichang High-tech Development Zone. Black Cyclone Technology Park The ultra-hard materials technology development forum attended by a group of nearly 100 people in the rain to visit the Black Cyclone Black Cyclone Saw Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Three Gorges Xiakou, a famous tourist city of water and electricity - Yichang City. The Black Cyclone Science and Technology Park covers an area of ​​363 mu and has a construction area of ​​110,000 square meters. The main buildings include the main building, research center, reception center, logistics center, product display center, production and processing center and industrial tourism center. The participants of the Black Cyclone Saw Industry Co., Ltd. factory corner super hard materials technology development forum visited the company exhibition hall and production workshop of Black Cyclone. Impressively, every production workshop of Black Cyclone maintains a clean and tidy working environment, especially for a small number of pollution-prone production workshops, where green plants are planted and environmental protection measures are maximized. Black Cyclone protects the working environment of its employees with practical actions. Moreover, Black Cyclone has professional explanation staff in the company exhibition hall and production workshop, so that every visitor can understand the Black Cyclone Saw Company better and faster. Diamond saw blade base displayed in the exhibition hall of Black Cyclone Saw Company The black whirlwind sawing company's honor and patent certificate "Science and Technology" is a magic weapon for the competition in the black cyclone market. The black whirlwind relies on the strong scientific research strength of its shareholders and its own development capabilities, adheres to the market-oriented, and takes the enterprise as the main body. The road of combining production, study and research has formed a virtuous circle of “production generation, development of one generation, development of one generation”.

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