Electric toilet prices and pictures of household electric toilet blocked how to do

With the rapid development of science and technology, people's living standards have also undergone earth-shaking changes, supplies have become more and more intelligent, and electric toilets have also been increasingly sought after by people. Speaking of the price of electric toilets , I believe many of my friends do not know that it is mainly composed of electric scavengers, toilet accessories and other accessories. Compared with traditional flush toilets, it can completely solve problems such as backflow of polluted water and pollution of living environment. In addition, the use of power discharge can greatly reduce the accumulation of pipe dirt and prevent clogging. Now I will introduce in detail the price and advantages and disadvantages of electric toilets and other related knowledge of electric toilets. I hope to help friends who have this need!

How is the electric toilet?

It is made up of electric scavengers + toilet accessories. Electric september, which is divided into upper and lower drainage, can prevent the backflow of the sewerage, making the pipeline less susceptible to fouling and never blocking.

Electric toilet range

Scope of application: 1. Temporary houses such as basement, construction site, activity room, etc.; 2. Residential houses, business offices, and attics; 3. Other bedrooms requiring special caregivers; 4. Luxury basement, high-end KTV, hotel, etc.

Technical parameters: Volume: Height: 70cm Width: 38cm, long ≈ 75cm: 3kg/cm2 Rated voltage: 220V: ≤ 500W Horizontal delivery: ≥ 50M above the electric pump Level: Y-lift head: 5 meters Flow: ≥ 2M3 / hour


The disadvantages and advantages of electric toilets

First, advantages,

1, beautiful appearance, suitable for decoration art, and home with a harmonious and unified.

2, has a very high use value. Simple rooms such as the basement below; shops, business office rooms; other bedrooms requiring special caregivers, high-end KTV and other places.

3, compared with the ordinary toilet, has the characteristics of not easy to block, health and environmental protection. With a water consumption of 2L, a toilet can be saved in two to three years. For example, a family of five consumes less than one degree per month. Simple operation, easy installation and practical value.

4, so that the pipeline is not easy to foul, never blocked.

Second, the drawbacks

1, the cover does not apply to all toilets

The cover plate is not suitable for all toilets, and there are fewer cover plates with matching squares. There is a certain limit on the distance between the front end of the water tank and the mounting hole. The specifications do not meet the allowable range, and the installation cannot be performed smoothly.

2, maintenance is difficult and cost is high

Internal components have high-tech content, high initial investment costs, over the warranty period, repairs need to pay for themselves, if it is a core component, the cost is not small.

3, the elderly, children are more difficult to operate

The multi-button operation panel is undoubtedly for the elderly, increasing the difficulty of operation. If you make a mistake, it will not work, and it may even cause a circuit failure.


Electric toilet prices

Due to the different brands, models, materials, and manufacturers of electric toilets, the price of electric toilets will vary. In China, the price of electric toilets has to be a thousand dollars. The price of middle and low prices is about 1,000-2500 yuan, and the good quality is 3,000-4,000 yuan, and the high-end is 5,000 yuan or more. Consumers need to buy according to personal preferences.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

What is the brand of electric toilet?

The best electric toilet brands in the domestic market are as follows (in no particular order):

1. Hecheng Sanitary Ware, founded in 1931 in Taiwan, belongs to the middle-to-high-end consumer and is the world's top ten sanitary ware brand.

2. Oulusha bathroom. Founded in 1998, it belongs to mid-range consumer and domestic brands of leisure sanitary products.

3. Wei Wei bathroom. Founded in 1995, it belongs to mid-range consumer and the first multi-functional toilet R&D unit in China.

4. Nine animal husbandry and kitchen. Founded in 1990, it belongs to mid-range consumer and sanitary brands.

5. Wrigley bathroom. Founded in 1994, it belongs to the mid-range consumer, the top ten brands of sanitary ware, and China's well-known trademark.

6. Wash the hair. Founded in 2002, it is an important editorial unit for mid-range consumption and industry standards.

7. The stars will Jiebao. Founded in 1998, it is a mid-tier consumer and one of China's top ten companies in sanitary ware.

8. Samite bathroom. New Pearl Ceramics brand.

9. Huida bathroom. Founded in 1982, it is a mid-range consumer and an important sanitary company in the north.

10. Hengjie bathroom. Founded in 1999, it belongs to mid-range consumer, one of the important ceramic sanitary ware manufacturers.


Electric toilet blockage reason

Detection method:

Remove the toilet, use the newspaper to put water, if you can flush, it is the problem of the plumbing, if you can't go down, it is blocked.

1. It may be leaking inside the toilet and finding leakage points through professional tests.

2. The drain pipe is in a half-clogged state, and it will be plugged up when it is slightly inadvertent. It will be a thorough cleaning of the toilet.

Electric toilet dredge method:

1, the buyer uses a pipe dredge, the price is not expensive, easy to use, effective for hair clogging, can clean up on their own.

2, if the effect is not good, it is recommended that professionals to clear.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of electric toilet prices and pictures of household electric toilets, how to do the relevant knowledge, hoping to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content. You can also purchase your favorite product on Qijia Mall!

Electric toilet prices

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