Safety shoe PU sole molding process

Safety shoes PU soles include unit soles, all-polyurethane boot shoes, shoe soles, direct shoe soles, hard shoe soles, and midsoles. The soles, uppers or uppers of all PU boots are made of PU. Among them, all polyurethane shoes made of microporous PU elastics have soft boots, wear-resistant soles, oil resistance and chemical resistance. The shoes are light and warm. Sex and comfort. PU soles generally use low pressure casting or high pressure casting, and a few also use injection molding. The molding equipment is a sole pouring machine. The normal pressure casting equipment used for polyester PU molding is mainly composed of a pouring machine, a ring or a rotary table bake. Due to the fact that the A and B components are all liquid and the mixing reaction is intense in the PU sole stock, accurate metering of the equipment and mixing uniformity of the components during the forming process are two important factors that directly affect the product performance. For a two-coloured shoe sole, it is moulded with a two-color casting machine, generally using a mould with an intermediate plate, and a secondary pouring and heat curing.

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